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How to do this activity.

What you will need:

  • A medium-sized box/ container

  • Coloured rice (see how to make colored rice here) or buttons

  • Cut up letters and word-strips from the worksheet (download worksheet here:)

  • "The Gruffalo" animal cut-outs from

Step 1:

Cut up letters and animal shapes and add them to the bin with the coloured rice / buttons

Step 2:

Distribute animal-word-strips to each child

Step 3:

Instruct children to find matching letters from within the sensory box.

You can time this activity: the first child to complete their words wins!

Step 4:

Play "I Spy with my little eye, something beginning with..."

M - Mouse  

S - Snake...etc

Add more pictures eg:

Tree, Rock, River, etc to expand vocabulary

Tracing Gruffalo Letters

Learning to hold a pencil is tough work, but it can be so much fun when you practice by tracing the letters and animals from the Gruffalo! The printouts below are easy to download and print - and when you are done with the tracing, don't forget to colour the animals in! 
Add another dimension to your letters by filling them in with play-dough and then use a finger to trace how you would write the letter on paper - fun and learning guaranteed :)  

G is for Gruffalo               M is for Mouse               F is for Fox               S is for Snake               O is for Owl

Colours game

As a follow-up activity colour in the Gruffalo. To make the task more engaging - turn it into a dice game. If you have a coloured die, have the kids take turns in throwing it and colouring the Gruffalo's body parts. Follow the sequence of mouses description:

1. Terrible tusks

2. Terrible claws,

3. Terrible teeth in his terrible jaws

4. Knobbly knees

5. Turned-out toes,

6. A poisonous wart at the end of his nose.

7. His eyes are ....

8. His tongue is ...,

9. He has .... prickles all over his back


If you don't have a coloured die, make one!

Download a die outline (from here:), colour it in,

cut it out, stick it together and hey-presto!

You are ready to play!

Connect the dots

I found these darling work-pages from - a fabulous charitable company that organizes plays based on some wonderful children's stories (maybe one day they will make their way over to Switzerland?;)

For the younger children that are still not familiar with numbers, this connect the dots Gruffalo is a fantastic place to start. It trains pencil-holding skills and conceptualization: Download worksheet here:)

For those children that are confident with their numbers, this connect-the-dots Gruffalo goes up to 38 and is perfect for practicing ordering sequences. Download worksheet here:)

Word Search

Word searches are great for slightly older children, who have a grasp o letters.
This word search is actually quite easy and features the animals from "The Gruffalo"

story. You can use it as a followup after the letter matching sensory bin activity, as it

will train letter recognition. Download worksheet here:)

Match the word with the picture

This activity is great for older children who are able to read and recognise words. Otherwise, also a good way to develop literacy with the help of an adult's guidance: Read the letters together with the child (at this stage she should already be able to guess the word after the first sounds) and draw a line matching the word with the picture. Download worksheet here:)

Pairs Game

I love using this worksheet in two ways (at least:)


1. Memory - it's a fantastic way for developing concentration skills

Each player picks up two cards simultaneously. If they match the player keeps both cards. If they don't put the cards back upside down. The player with most pairs collected wins!


2. Go Fish - A popular cards game, but you can play it to develop vocabulary and sentence structures.

How to play:

Each player gets min. 3 cards.
First player asks: "Have you got...?"
If the asked player does not have the indicated card, he says "No, Go Fish", and the first player draws a card from the stack of cards in the middle.
If the second player does have the card, he has to give it to the first player. And so on - lots of fun guaranteed!

Get the cards here:) and be sure to laminate them to prolong their lifespan;)

  • Musical Chairs to the Gruffalo Song - during each round the children have to dance like a different animal: owl - flap the arms, mouse - run with little steps, fox - on all fours, Gruffalo - stomp around the chairs. The kids I've done this with were going wild with the Gruffalo dance!



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