English for Kids

in Zurich


  • Themed adventure workshops in English for pre-school, kindergarten and primary-school children
    - Super Starters - 4-8yrs
    - English Adventure Club 1 for kids 4-7yrs with introduction to phonics

    - English Adventure Club 2 for kids 8-10yrs with practice of reading and writing in English

  • Every class is a new adventure! We turn into superheroes, record our own movies, discover new cultures, taste new flavours, dig up fossils, create rocket-ships, rainbows and Big Bens. We encourage children to actively and spontaneously use and develop their imaginations and English skills in a safe and fun environment. 

  • Lessons are especially designed to develop your children's confidence and happiness, help them discover new skills and passions and make new friends - whilst using English. It's a space where your kids can thrive!

  • The English Adventure Club 1 & 2 lessons are aimed at:
    Expat children, who want to maintain & develop their English skills
    • Native-Speaking children, who love to interact in English in a fun, natural & educational environment
    • Children, who have already had English at school or have acquired it in the meantime, and feel confident using it 


  • The Super Starters lessons are aimed at:
    • Non-native speaking children, who love English and really want to start learning it or have already started it at school and would like to practice even more! 

  • Flexible timetable - Simply select the time that suits you best and start any day!

  • Program based on the Australian and UK child development methodology

  • Group lessons available at the Academicus Atelier, Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002


Club Timetable


16:15 - 17:15    English Adventure Club 1    Kids: 4-7yrs    SIGN UP NOW
17:30 - 18:30    English Adventure Club 2   Kids: 8-10yrs  SIGN UP NOW


16:15 - 17:15   Super Starters   Kids: 4-7yrs    SIGN UP NOW

17:30 - 18:30    English Adventure Club 2    Kids: 8-10yrs   SIGN UP NOW

Discovering the WoW!

Our amazingly funtastic English Adventure Club and Fun with Phonics classes provide a holistic experience when learning, practicing and developing English: your child uses English in a naturally spontaneous way through educational activities, songs, games and creative projects.

An Expat-Child herself, Mags (the founder of Academicus), knows the struggles connected with integrating into a new environment, making new friends and learning the new language (whilst at the same time, not forgetting the mother tongue). It can all be quite overwhelming for a child!

That's why the English Adventure Club for Kids and Fun with Phonics lessons in Zug came to exist. It is a space for Expat Children to meet weekly, make friends, develop their confidence and happiness, discover new skills and passions - whilst using English in a natural environment. It's a space where your kids can thrive and discover their own "WOW"!

Your child won't want to leave the class - guaranteed :)


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