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Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich

English for Kids in Zurich

  • English as a Second Language for local pre-school, kindergarten and primary-school children - 4 - 10 years old

  • English for expat children, who want to maintain & develop their English skills, upon entering the Swiss schooling system

  • Reading and writing in English for native children, and children, who already know English

  • English for Native-Speaking children, who love to interact in English in a fun, natural & educational environment and who need to practice their reading and writing skills

  • 21st Century Skills: Communication, Confidence, Creativity, Collaboration

  • High quality of outstanding learning in the safe environment of a small group

  • Flexible timetable - Simply select the days that suit you best and start any time!

  • Group English lessons for kids available in Zurich: Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich (at the Academicus Atelier)

  • Also available:
    - Private tutoring 1:1 also available

    - Exam preparation
    - Revision and refresher courses for children to catch up with school work, teenagers: revision and preparing for finals, adults who want to refresh grammar, develop vocabulary and gain confidence in conversation

Group lessons available

Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich

Our Unique Approach

...shhhh, it's our little secret!


Children learn best when they are fully engaged, inspired and have a love for what they are learning. Our customized courses are designed around the unique way each of our students learns and are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching English and children. Energise, excite and engage - this is what we do in every class!

With us, kids fall in love with English and look forward to their next lessons!


We empower kids to become communicators. We ensure children learn native pronunciation and whole language structures in a context, in a child-friendly way: through songs, games, sports competitions, creative activities and project work.

Our integrated and holistic method empowers kids to effortlessly communicate in English and apply newly learnt language skills in real-life situations.


We empower kids to become superheroes. Learning English with us inspires children to become more confident and develops not only their language but also their social and emotional skills.

Through games and collaborative activities, tailor made for our students, children develop a boldness and courage that they can then employ in every sphere of life. 


We empower kids to become creators. Enabling children to give expression to their creativity, activates their imaginations, unchains their curiosity and helps them immerse in the process of active and deep English language learning.

Our unique project-based learning approach, aided by arts, crafts, film-making, storytelling, child-approved books and educational games inspires kids and awakens their creative powers.


We empower kids to become discoverers and conquerors. 

Our notably dynamic teaching approach engages not only the mind but also the body. Through solving puzzles, competing in sports games and beating their own records, children fully engage in learning English and develop a sense of collaboration and appreciation for their accomplishments. They strive to be even faster, even stronger, even better!  

We teach so much more than 'just' English

We teach kids the skills they will need, to have bright and successful futures!

Just some of our Amazing projects:

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