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Terms and Conditions

Group English Lessons:


Packages & Payment

• The packages are booked and paid for in advance.

• Missed lessons (eg. Due to sickness, school excursion, doctor visit, etc.) are not refundable.


• Missed sessions may be compensated by means of rescheduling the lesson to a class available on a different day.


Private English Lessons:


Packages & Payment

• Private lessons are booked and paid for in advance.

• Missed lessons are not refundable.


• Private Lessons may only be rescheduled if cancelled one full day before the scheduled lesson time.


• Rolling admissions are allowed where there is space.

• Rolling admissions will receive an amended invoice.


Once the registration form has been completed, you agree and understand that:

• The registration form is a legally binding and contractual agreement and will be upheld as such

• You accept all terms and conditions

• When you register and then decide to cancel your registration 3 weeks or less before the first day of class, you will be charged a 450.00CHF processing fee


Trial Classes

• Each child is entitled to participate in one free trial English class, accompanied by a legal guardian. Registration for the free trial lesson per email:




• The English classes are extra-curricular.

• Registration of children for English classes is done in written form. Kindly bring the original completed registration form to the first lesson or send it to:

Wyrzykowska & Wyrzykowska,

Katarzyna Wyrzykowska, Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich.


Or electronically to:, followed by original signed form.


• The number of children participating in the English lessons is limited to 8 per teacher. Therefore, only registered children will be guaranteed a spot in the classes. Registration for English classes is possible at any time during the year, provided that spots are available.

• Minimum class size in order to be able to launch a class is 4 students.

• Termination of participation in classes during the year is conducted in written form, with one month's notice period. The registration for classes is binding after receiving a written confirmation from Academicus – The English Academy for Kids (‘The School’).

Admission for a one-off “drop in” class: CHF 60.- for 60 minute class.

• Drop in on the day, is subject to availability of spots in the class and has to be confirmed via telephone with The School. Payment is to be done until the end of the month with the drop in class.


Entry Age


• English lessons are provided to children, who are at least 3,5 years old




• English lessons do not take place  on public holidays and during days indicated in the Holiday Plan (See Holiday Plan).   




• Catering is not provided. For the “Lunchbox and Learn” classes, children are requested to bring their own food. Lunch is then consumed together in the classroom.


Media consent

• During certain lessons pictures / videos will be taken that can be published by The School.

After the completion of a semester of classes all parents of participating children will receive

a selection of pictures in order to have an impression of the English lessons.

A careful handling of the pictures is guaranteed by The School. Names or first names will never be published. If you don’t want to give permission for the use of pictures featuring your child please inform The School before the start of the semester via e-mail.


• Parents are responsible for arranging accident and personal liability insurance for their child.

The School disclaims any liability. The School as well as the journey to and from The School is fully covered by the parents.

Data protection

• All personal data of the participating children and of the parents are only used

by The School for the organisation and realisation of English lessons & activities and will never be delivered to a third party.




• The School’s teachers are familiar with First Aid practice and have direct contact to a practicing family doctor. In case of emergency parents will be contacted based on the information available in the registration form.


What to Bring


• Each child comes with slippers and spare clothes. Since some classes will take place outdoors in the School’s garden, season-appropriate clothing is necessary.




• Please notify The School if the child will not be able to participate in classes due to vacation, illness, etc. Absences are non-refundable.


Important Information 


• Please inform The School about any diseases, allergies, medicine needed and about the authorised supervisor who will pick up the child from classes. This information will be treated confidentially.



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