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English Reading & Writing 3 - in Zurich
For Kids 6+yrs


Reading and Writing 3 - an advanced English class for kids in Zurich, tailored for English-speaking, native, bilingual, and multilingual primary school children.

This course is designed to develop independent reading, writing, grammar, and spelling skills, providing a deep dive into these essential areas to ensure comprehensive literacy development.


English Reading and Writing 3 - Experts - in Zurich

Course Overview

"English Reading and Writing Level 3" focuses on enhancing children's independent reading and writing capabilities. Building on previous knowledge, this course introduces more complex texts and writing tasks, while providing in-depth instruction in spelling, grammar, and phonics. Students will engage in a variety of activities designed to refine their literacy skills and promote confident, independent learning - vital in the school environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Advanced Phonemic Awareness:

    • Master complex phonetic patterns and irregular spellings.

    • Enhance decoding skills for more challenging words.

  2. Independent Reading:

    • Read a variety of texts fluently and with comprehension.

    • Develop critical thinking skills through analysis and discussion of texts.

  3. Grammar Proficiency:

    • Understand and apply advanced grammar rules.

    • Identify and use different parts of speech correctly in writing.

  4. Enhanced Vocabulary and Spelling:

    • Learn and correctly spell more advanced vocabulary.

    • Practice spelling patterns, rules, and exceptions.

  5. Writing Mastery:

    • Write structured paragraphs and short stories.

    • Develop narrative, descriptive, and expository writing skills.


Course Activities

  • Phonics and Spelling Drills: Focused exercises to master advanced phonetic patterns and spelling rules.

  • Grammar Workshops: Interactive lessons to understand and apply grammar rules in writing.

  • Writing Projects: Creative and structured writing tasks to develop different styles and formats.

  • Vocabulary Building Games: Engaging activities to expand and reinforce vocabulary.

  • Comprehension Exercises: Activities to enhance understanding and critical thinking about texts.


Teaching Approach

Our teaching approach is designed to be inclusive and supportive, catering to the needs of native, bilingual, and multilingual children. We use a variety of engaging, interactive, and multi-sensory teaching methods to keep learning dynamic and enjoyable. Our experienced native speaker instructors provide individualized attention, ensuring each student can progress confidently and independently in their literacy journey.



By the end of this course, children will have developed strong independent reading and writing skills. They will be proficient in advanced grammar, spelling, and phonics, and capable of writing coherent, structured paragraphs. This comprehensive foundation will prepare them for further academic challenges and foster a lifelong love for reading and writing.


Join us in "English Reading and Writing Level 3" and watch your child achieve new heights in literacy, equipped with the skills needed for independent and confident reading and writing!


For school-aged children, who want to master and excel at reading and writing after the summer holidays:

Wednesdays, 17:15-18:15

Term Start: 21.08.2024

Need to Know:

Important note:

English Reading & Writing Level 3 is a year-long programme.                         

Where possible, it is recommended to start in the Autumn Term/ Term 1.

School Terms:

​Our schedule & holidays follow the Zurich Public School Calendar and our school year is divided into 4 terms.

The tuition fees are billed on a term basis.

Rolling sign up possible, where spots are available, adjusted to starting date.

Tuition Fees:

​Trial Class - 30CHF

Registration Fee - 80CHF

Autumn term - 315CHF

Winter Term - 630CHF

Spring Term - 360CHF

Summer Term - 450CHF

All resources, materials & supplies are included.

Sibling discount available.


Group classes are held at:


Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich

Color Pencils


Reading & Writing

The teachers are great. The atmosphere is great. And my kid is actually learning to read and write. So glad we found you- she keeps asking when the next class is on. That’s got to be the best feedback.

— Ben & Emma

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