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"The Gruffalo" is one of the most beloved children's books ever to have existed. Written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, it's easy to understand why.

The main character is a clever mouse, who comes across a cunning fox, a sly snake and a crafty owl as he is making his way through the forest. Thanks to his wit (and with the help of some luck), the mouse is able to avoid being eaten by the much bigger than him forest animals. He invents a terrible-terrible monster - the Gruffalo, the sound of which, scares the encountered animals away and allows the mouse to enjoy a peaceful livelihood. But mouse's surprise couldn't be greater, when he discovers that the Gruffalo actually does exist....

Written in a rhythmic and fast-paced way (which enables children to quickly learn the repeating phrases), with a sudden turn in the plot and illustrated with beautifully vibrant pictures, kids all over the world have been enjoying the Gruffalo since 1999!  


Did you know that "The Gruffalo" is based on an ancient tale about a girl, who was walking through a forest when suddenly, she meets a tiger. The tiger obviously wants to eat her but the clever girl warns him: "I'm the queen of the forest: if you eat me, everyone else will take revenge on you."...
Find out more about the beginnings of "The Gruffalo" here :) 

About the Gruffalo

Sing the Gruffalo song

I love-love-LOVE the Gruffalo song. It's based on the description mouse makes, as he walks through the forest. It's quite an ear-worm too! You'll be surprised how quickly kids start singing along.

Download the lyrics here and have the kids point at the picture that is being sung - it will help children visualize the different body parts of the Gruffalo.

Letter Matching Sensory Bin

Make learning letters an unforgettable experience, by creating a "Sensory Letter Bin".

With this simple matching activity, children will be searching for the correct letter to build their assigned word.But wait, it's not as easy as it seems, because the kids will first have to fish out of a bin full of rice or buttons the right letter! Develop this activity even more by playing "I spy" and adding more elements into the bin to expand vocabulary! Contact me on mentioning how old your child is and which city you live in and receive my student pre-approved handouts, ready to cut out and use for this activity!

Free Play with Finger Puppets

These finger puppets are fantastic: they provide visual support whilst reading the story and you can use them

to  re-play the sequences of the story. It is a fabulous way to practice memory, story telling skills, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation.

Download them here:)

Gruffalo based activities

"The Gruffalo" is a didactic gold-mine: This story has so many levels to it. It teaches about:

  •  Emotions: Empathy and how to harness a greater power than your own

  • Imagination: how terrible can a terrible monster be?

  • The food-chain

  • The forest eco-system and where animals live

  • Body parts


And then there is a range of activities you can do with the kids to work on developing their fine-motor skills, vocabulary, creativity, literacy skills - just to name a few.

Below, I'd love to share with you my top 3 favourite Gruffalo-related activities: FUN-tastic, easy to prepare, they have proven to be winners with my students time and time again. The below activities are perfect for children aged 3-7, but you can adapt them according to your needs.




The Gruffalo has become so incredibly popular among kids that I have been receiving requests from parents to organize Gruffalo-themed parties or to suggest fabulous activities that will engage the youngsters and activate their imaginations.

To make organizing your child's dream party a piece of cake, be sure to check out our 5-Steps-to-the-Perfect Party-Guide

So, are you ready for the your next fabulous Gruffalo-themed party?

Party Supplies

Switzerland can be a tough market for getting things online (taxes, delivery, costs...) - and when you are preparing for a party you want to make sure it's quick and efficient. I am happy to say that I have found the perfect partner for supplying our fabulous parties and making sure that the magic is even more spectacular! provide a great choice and deliver all over Switzerland! Yay! Below I'd love to share with you my top picks for the ultimate Gruffalo party!


Invitations - be sure to send out Gruffalo themed invitations to awaken the imaginations and excitement of the invited children (it's recommended to send them out 4-6 weeks before the event - to help parents of invited children also plan for your child's party).

These darling Gruffalo invites are bound to do the trick!

Gruffalo-themed plates, cups, napkins and table covers are an absolute must for the table. And to bring out the terrible-terribleness of the theme you can add some Gruffalo-balloons, banners and candles! With these wonderful supplies your venue will make every child gasp with fascination and excitement!

Finally, party bags at the end of the party is what every child is waiting for. Filled with goodies and a 'thank you' note, these party bags, will ensure that your child's friends will be talking about your event for years to come!

Party Activities

Now that we have our supplies, it's time to think about the activities. Below I'd love to share with you my top 3 party-winners!

  • Pin the Wart on the Gruffalo  - is an adaptation of the game "Pin the Tail in the Donkey".
    What you will need it this fantastic Gruffalo face (preferably laminated) and green round stickers.
    You can download the Gruffaol's face here:)
    I created a large Gruffalo-shape, where kids can stick on other elements of the Gruffalo - not just his wart - it's great fun!

  • The Great Gruffalo Present Hunt - for some down time; download here:)

  • Terrible Terrible Masks - prepare colourful paper plates, lots of coloured paper, newspaper-strips, glue, glitter glue pens, anything kids can use to make a monster mask - simply let their immaginations run wild!


Soooo many more activities - These were my top 3, but if you would like to find out about my secret Gruffalo activities that have been continuously voted #1 by the kids I have worked with, simply let me know on





Party Food

When setting out the food, let your imagination run wild! If you want to make sure that everyone knows what's what, you might want to prepare tags.

The below food suggestions are a combination of healthy and happy - if you would like to receive the entire Gruffalo-themed menu, drop me a line on

  • Terrible Tusks – slices of honey dew melon

  • Black Tongues – liquorice

  • Roasted Fox – carrot sticks

  • Orange Eyes – cheese balls

  • Poisonous Warts – green grapes

Organize the Gruffalo Party TODAY!

Want to organize the most AMAZING Gruffalo party with the professionals?

Children, education, fun and entertainment is what we are passionate about and we'd LOVE to help you! We can either organize the party from beginning to end at our venue or we can provide you with an entertainer based on our packages: for 1,5hr or 2 hrs.

Interested? Fantastic! Contact us directly:

Events and parties available in English and in German in the area of German-speaking Switzerland!

Your child celebrates their birthday once a year - make sure they remember that birthday for a lifetime! 

Gruffalo Based Activities
Party Ideas
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