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I am Mags, an AMI qualified Assistant to Infancy Montessori teacher, early education specialist and mama myself, who supports other conscious parents, in navigating through the first three years of parenthood.  


I provide expecting and new mothers with the knowledge and tools to raise thriving, independent and empowered children, who will go on to change the world!

After all, competence is confidence and when you know how to support your child in their development, you yourself thrive as a knowledgeable and calm mum. Join me, as we rediscover the beauty of empowered motherhood with a sprinkle of Montessori magic!

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My Story

If you ask a parent what they think about parenting, we will tell you on any given day how tough and unrewarding it is. We will also tell you that, from a perspective and in the grand scheme of things, it is the most joyous and fulfilling thing you will ever experience in your life.

My journey through motherhood and raising babe started off quite bumpy, I must admit, but now it is definitely the adventure of a lifetime. I am loving every moment I spend with her, with myself, with my work - I no longer have an overwhelming feeling of mum guilt, the feeling of being constantly torn or not being enough for her nor for anyone else. Best of all, I feel competent and know how to best support the development journey of my child. I feel empowered and know that I am doing an amazing job. And you should know, so are you! But sometimes we simply need a little bit of support and knowledge and tools to set us on our way.

Bumpy, because as a new mum I felt completely overwhelmed by all the random snippets of contradicting information I found regarding what I "should be doing with my newborn" - I'm sure you know what I mean....
I was also torn between an old identity and a new one that was only just taking shape.
Today I can honestly say I am loving every single bit of it. But that came with time and knowledge and an understanding that I have to take care of myself too.

I want to inspire other mothers and caregivers too: know, that from competence comes confidence. Through knowledge and an understanding of how your child is developing you can support your child on their journey to reaching independence, confidence and a thriving life AND through that, you are also empowering yourself to be that calm, knowledgeable and conscious parent.

In addition to my MA in education, I also am a Montessori teacher and the founder of - a children's activity center in Zurich and I have a burning desire to make parenthood a truly magnificent experience. Join me, as we rediscover the beauty of empowered motherhood with a sprinkle of Montessori magic!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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