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Packages - Zurich

Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich

Classes are year-long and divided into 2 terms. Children are automatically signed up for both terms. This is the optimal approach to allow consistent and accelerated growth of language skills. 

Developing communication, confidence, reading and writing skills is a process and parents notice a growth in children’s skills week on week.  

If earlier termination of course is necessary, 6 weeks advance notice is required.


1 Term: Sept-Feb - levels 1 & 3 & 5

2 Term: Feb-Jun - levels 2 & 4 & 6

Price: Due to high demand and high exclusiveness of classes, please submit email inquiry, indicating preferred days and times of lessons (non-binding), to

Rolling sign up within semester is possible (provided availability) and price will be calculated accordingly. Thank you for your consideration.

English for Kids in Zurich - Inquiry Form

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