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health matters

On the different types of health and why they matter to entrepreneurs

Today I found out that the biggest illnesses an entrepreneur suffers from are:

a) headaches, b) stomach cramps, c) depressive episodes (I'm sure the list goes on, but these were the top three). I can honestly say: I've had them all:)

Even worse: the week I was supposed to start with my first clients, I got so incredibly sick, I ended up being chained to death's bed with Lemsip and Vitamin C as my loyal guardian angels. It was hardly a smooth start.

So what are the reasons for the illnesses, you might ask? Well, there's a couple.

Firstly: Physical Health. You are so focused on your mission and getting that business off the ground that you forget you have a body.

It's simple: starting up a new company is stressful and it requires so much of your mental energy, you forget that one of the best ways of letting some of that steam off is by exercising regularly. Yes, I too have fallen victim to this, and I must admit, since I started my endevour my body has crashed twice. I am currently getting out of a flu and in the light of the new year, I solemnly swear to exercise at least 3 times a week, as of next Monday. If there is anyone out there, who would like to join me for my workouts (in the fresh air, jogging around Zurich city), please let me know, I'd appreciate the mutual motivatIon:)

Secondly: Social Health.

All your social-skills go into developing your business. All that charm, drive and charisma are pumped into making sure your business flies. At the end of a day full of client pitches, calls and meetings, you really don't have it in you anymore to be that sociable fun-loving creature around the people that care about you most: friends and family. Guess what: you are shooting yourself in the knee.

It's through the meaningful interactions with those that know you best, that you are able to add some perspective to what you are going through. To have someone hear you out is the best thing that can happen to you! Do not isolate yourself.

Next time your friends are heading out to dinner take the time to join them and just let it go.

Thirdly: Knowledge Health.

So you have that brilliant idea, you have your Mission and you are bulldozing ahead with getting your business up and running. Go you!

But what about the state of your knowledge? Is what you are doing still the state of the art and relevant or are you slowly falling behind and your knowledge is becoming fossilized?

We entrepreneurs need to be mighty aware of the fact that when we throw ourselves into the whirlpool of setting up a company - all the administrative aspects of it - we might be falling out of touch with the knowledge out there. This is why I'm a massive fan of life long learning: never stop furthering your knowledge. It is afterall our knowledge that distinguishes us and makes us who we are! Plus, a refresher course never hurt anyone.

As entrepreneurs we have a lot to juggle but ensuring physical and mental health should be a priority. If that is gone, what is the point of our companies? We are, after all their drivers!

Therefore, this year's resolutions (some of them;) are:

1) work out at least 3 times a week

2) nurture friends' group

3) sign up for a course that will help develop my professional skills

What resolutions have you got for this year and how do they support you in your entrepreneurial endeavors? I'm curious to know!

In the meantime: keep on rocking!

Lots of Academic Love,


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