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Starting the New School Year

Englisch für Kinder: Uster, Kilchberg, Zurich, Zug, Küsnacht

The New School Year has officially started! YAY! Over the summer, I've spoken to many mums, whose kids will be leaving a bilingual Kindergarten and heading into the Swiss Schooling System. The main concern was that the kids will 'lose' the English they picked up in Kindergarten... We can't have that happen! That's why Academicus is here to the rescue :) With me, kids have the possibility to continue their English, improve it, become confident communicators with a native pronunciation AND have FUN whilst learning! Sign up today for a FREE trial class and see for yourselves :) Can't find an English class near you? No problem! Drop me a line and we'll make it happen! I believe, every child should have access to English-learning and am on a mission to open the doors to opportunity to our future generations! More information: or email me on:

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