The Founder of Academicus, Mags, was raised bilingually in Australia. She knows, through her own experience, exactly what children experience when they acquire a new language in a new country and the struggles connected with maintaining and developing their first mother tongue.

"I know exactly what it’s like to be an expat child - in a new environment, where hardly anybody understands your language, your passions, your desires, you. I’ve been there and know how scary it is to make new friends. How mum and dad focus on the academics and how being a child sometimes just slips away. All those years ago, I experienced a change of home the first time when we moved to Australia, and then a second time when we moved to Poland. The frustration, anger, loss and need of friends. Today, I know it has made me stronger, more determined and open to what life has in store. It has made me the person I am today: an open, multilingual and driven life-loving person. But I know it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my parents and a couple of incredibly passionate teachers. Today, I am here to give back that support and love, with a mission and burning desire to help expat kids find their own two feet in their new home: Switzerland.✨ This is why, I have created ACADEMICUS - a safe and inspiring space, where for once kids can forget they’re different, use their own language, get inspired by some magical books, create a masterpiece and most importantly, make friends!☘️  I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to get a high-five from a shy student that came out of their shell after only 1 hour of workshops; how heart-warming it is to get a spontaneous hug from a wee participant of a class or how motivating it is to see my students smile, laugh, learn, practice and develop their English skills and love what they are doing! That is what life is about."

Expat families living in Switzerland experience the same thing, Mags experienced all those years ago. That's why she is on a mission to make sure expat children, find a space to be themselves, where they can build wonderful memories, broaden their horizons and create, craft, make and discover, whilst still being kids. As for the parents: she wants to provide a community platform, where expat parents can get to know each other, exchange experiences and contacts and grow together in their new Swiss home.

She is on a mission to:

Inspire and develop the exploration of the world, curiosity, creativity, courage, imagination and sense of wonder among children to let them discover themselves, their passions and their purpose in life in a safe and caring space.

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