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Academicus family and kids classes

Being an expat in a new country, where you do not know the language, culture and cannot  truly feel at ease or at home because of the communication and culture barriers, can be challenging.
But being an expat with small children in Switzerland is a next level challenge. Moving your family to a new country is one of the hardest decisions and moves you will make.

At Academicus, we are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where expat families find connection, support, and the tools to thrive in their new home away from home

We are here to provide you with amazing activities to connect with your baby and young children, and also other expat families. You can count on Academicus and our vibrant expat community for support & helpful tips on raising your children in Switzerland, and find a warm place to feel at ease where you can ask questions and exchange experiences about raising your little ones, while connecting to other like minded expat families.


As expats ourselves, we understand the unique challenges faced by families in a foreign land, and our mission is to bridge the gap between cultures, languages, and communities.

We started Academicus because as expat kids ourselves (we are Polish, raised in Australia), we know that it can be challenging and take some time to adapt to a new environment with new friends and foreign languages.
And now as expat mothers, raising our young children away from our own home countries, families and friends, we know the difficulties expat families experience: the need for connection with like minded people, the desire to communicate with other parents and families that are in a similar position, the questioning of our parental involvement in our children’s lives, “am I doing enough, am I doing the right thing, should I be doing more?” 

We know that we all want to guide our babies and young children to fulfill their potential and thrive and we are here to help.

This is why Academicus exists - to bring expat families together, to be less anonymous in a new to us country, to empower us in our parenting journey and better connect also with our own kids (because hey, life as a parent doesn't come with a manual and the extra stress of being abroad is a real thing).

Our vibrant and beautiful expat family community connects, learns and thrives through the activities that are run throughout the week at Academicus:

Activities are aimed at families with children 0-6 yrs old:
- from Sensory for Babies classes, to a deep-dive into conscious parenting with the Montessori Milestones Mastermind;
- Sensory for Toddlers and Superhero Sports - that tap into our kids’ need to learn through movement;
- Morning Playgroups in English and Polish & Afterschool Clubs, Reading & Writing lessons and Holiday Camps
- to weekend Family Workshops (we celebrate Mothers Day, Australia Day, St. Paddy’s), classes for parents who cannot join during the week and family concerts

Every day, we foster meaningful connections and facilitate learning experiences for both parents and children. Our aim is to empower expat families to navigate the complexities of raising children abroad, away from our parents and families, away from our natural support system, while providing them with the tools and connections they need to be happy, and thrive, while celebrating the richness of cultural diversity.

Welcome to Academicus! You are bound to find connection, learning and a safe space for you and your family to thrive!

Over the years we have seen the most incredible friendships flourish and been witness to so many children grow into confident, independent & resilient humans!

Join us for an incredible learning adventure and find your tribe in Zurich.

We cannot wait to see you at one of the activities at Academicus!

Xxx Mags & Katie

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