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Academicus Policies, and General Terms and Conditions 


Classes, camps and events at Academicus are so much fun! We want to make sure everyone who participates in events and classes organised by Academicus has the best experience possible and to do that, we want to make sure you're aware of our expectations and protocol. 

Please read the policies pertaining to your booking with Academicus carefully, and feel free to reach out to with any questions. 


By booking a class, camp or event with Academicus, you agree to the following: 


  • Kindness and Respect Towards Each Other: we want your experience at Academicus to be the best possible, one which will foster a positive learning experience, so we ask parents, guardians and children to treat other participants with kindness and respect. 


  • Respect towards the Academicus Venue: furnishing, equipment and materials in Academicus are to be treated like your own. We want to make sure that every child and parent has the best experience in the venue, so please treat all furnishing, objects, toys and materials with respect. While we do our best to monitor every child’s use of Academicus materials, toys and furniture, accidents may occur from time to time due to the inherent risk in using these materials. Please make sure that your child always conducts themselves in a safe manner. 


  • Safety First: The safety of your child and other children is our top priority. You acknowledge that your child has no physical, emotional, or social conditions that make it dangerous or unwise for your child to safely participate in our programs. When inappropriate is seen it should be immediately addressed by the guardian, teacher, and other parents, to ensure a positive experience for all involved. 


  • Permission to Share: We love promoting our educational and developmental classes and experiences at Academicus and sharing it with others. We may take photographs, video and/or audio (the “Media”) during our classes, camps, and events to post on our social media. We are the sole owner of any Media and may use the Media in any way, in our sole discretion. You grant us permission to use your child’s image without any restriction and waive your right to inspect or approve the Media. We respect your privacy and will never share any names or other private information on our social media. Should you disagree with this, please write an email to 


  • Permission to Participate: You give your permission for your child to participate in Academicus programs. You release and hold Academicus harmless from any and all liability that may arise in connection with the Academicus programs. 


  • Stay Updated: By signing up to a class, camp or event at Academicus and providing your email address, you agree to be added onto the Academicus newsletter list. You can ask to unsubscribe at any point in time by writing to 


  • Class Cancellations: Full session payment is due at the time of enrolment. Because of the limited capacity and high demand of Academicus Classes, we do not offer makeups or refunds for missed classes, even if you know you will miss ahead of time. If you know you cannot participate in a class you have signed up for, you can transfer it to a friend or family member. Please let them know to state your name when attending. If you have an extenuating circumstance, we will handle each cancellation on a case by case basis. Makeup Classes may be offered in the following circumstances: For cancellations made at the discretion of Academicus (e.g. teacher illness, poor weather conditions, minimum amount of participants not reached, etc). We will make sure to update and inform you about these circumstances minimum 2h ahead of the class. 


  • Arrival Time: As there are multiple classes taking place at Academicus, our teachers require time before the class to set up for the next class. Please respect this time and do not come earlier, nor enter Academicus earlier than 10min ahead of any given class. 


  • Departure Time: As there are multiple classes taking place at Academicus, our teachers require time after the class to clean up and leave the venue ready for the set-up of the next class. Please respect this time and do not depart later than 10min after any given class. 


  • Payment: When signing up to a class, event, or camp you agree and understand that payment is obligatory and binding. When booking a class you enter a binding payment contract, where you are expected pay upfront. In case of invoice issuance for a class, camp, or event, you agree to pay within the time stated on the issued invoice. 


  • Venue Use: When at Acadmicus, please take off your shoes. As we facilitate multiple baby, toddler and kids’ classes throughout the day, we try to keep the venue as clean as possible. You are welcome to bring a change of shoes, extra socks or slippers for yourself and your little one. 


These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Switzerland. 

I have thoroughly read, fully understand and agree to be bound by the terms of these Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions will govern my child’s current and future participation in any Academicus classes, camps, or events. 



Questions? Please feel free to email us at 

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