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Baby Activities

Have you ever wondered...
What was truly happening inside of your BABY?
How was baby developing? What milestones should baby be reaching?
Wondered, what you could be doing with your baby to help them reach their full potential?

If you are a parent  of a baby 0-12 months old and are looking for activities that will:
- help you and your baby bond,
- allow you to spend quality time together doing activities that are developmentally appropriate for your baby 
- empower you by giving you the knowledge & tools to correctly handle baby and stimulate their development
- expose baby to broader social interactions and allow you to connect with other like-minded parents
- make each moment of your maternity leave count

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Welcome to our activities dedicated to babies
- in the heart of Zürich!

Our children aged 0-12m are in a special phase in their lives, where they are dynamically developing, discovering themselves, their surroundings, the people they are with. They are experiencing rapid brain development and acquisition of new skills on a daily basis! There is nothing more beautiful than being part of this learning journey.
It can however also be quite overwhelming at times for us parents... and from experience we know it is nice to share this journey with other like-minded families.

Join us for our weekly classes & activities geared towards families with babies up to 1 year of age. Each class is tailored towards you and your baby, to provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools, to allow you bond with your baby, help them reach new developmental milestones and enable you to socialise with other families with young babies, in the heart of Zurich.

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Sensory Activities for baby 0-12m

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For babies 0-6m

Motoric Fun for Babies lead by Francesca - FirstStepMethod Baby Coach - is the perfect place to playfully stimulate and support your baby’s gross and fine motor skills. With simple activities and practice (and a lot of fun!) with Francesca’s professional guide, your little one’s skills will properly develop from clumsy to accurate!

@12:30-13:30 on Tuesdays

​Each session costs chf35


For babies 3-12m

Embark on a captivating journey with our Sensory for Babies classes, where we ignite your little one's innate curiosity about the world around them. Through a captivating blend of sensory activities, encompassing textures, objects, music and movement, we create an immersive experience that engages all their senses. From playful interactions to the magic of songs and dances, we'll accompany your baby on explorations that delight their touch, sight, and smell senses. Every session promises exciting baby adventures that stimulate their development in a joyous atmosphere. Join us as we share in the wonder of discovery, forging precious connections and fostering your baby's growth through meaningful sensory engagement.

@14:00-15:00 on Tuesdays

@ 14:00-15:00 on Fridays

Trial class valid once - chf40


Semester price: number of classes x 35chf

Semester determined by the teacher

Baby classes
Sat baby sensory.png

For babies 3-12m

For busy parents & caregivers, who cannot join our Sensory for Babies experience during the week: Join us for an exciting class every first Saturday of the month at 09:30 - and watch as your baby uncurls and steps into their full potential!

First Saturday of the month: 02.09, 07.10, 04.11, 02.12

Price: chf35



Start: Monday, 30.10.2023

Mon: 12:30-13:30; (6 sessions)

For babies 0-3m

Are you a new mom navigating the exhilarating yet challenging journey of motherhood with a precious newborn aged 0-3 months?


Welcome to "The SenseAbilities Newborn Academy" an exclusive 6 week course designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to ensure a strong foundation for your baby's future development.

Course Overview:

Week 1:

Welcoming A Newborn To The New World

- How And What To Do?

In this transformative week, Mags will guide you through the delicate process of transitioning your baby from the womb to the world. Learn essential techniques to create a safe and nurturing environment, fostering trust between you and your little one.


Week 2:

The Impact of Your Body Language & Holding Positions Most Comfortable For You & Baby

Discover the art of holding your baby with confidence and comfort. Master various holding positions that promote bonding, security, and your baby's well-being.


Week 3:

Coping with Crying, Fussiness and Gas - Essential Tools and Techniques to have a Happy Baby

Tackle the challenges of crying, fussiness and gas like a pro. Mags will provide you with basic and advanced tools to soothe your baby, ensuring both your peace of mind and their comfort.


Week 4:

Understanding Newborn Reflexes and What You can do to Help them Integrate Faster to allow for Intentional Movement

Delve into the fascinating world of newborn reflexes and unlock the secrets of helping your baby move more confidently and with intention. Understand the 'whys' and 'hows' of these crucial aspects.


Week 5:

Tummy Time Essentials - Boosting Development, Strength and Baby’s Confidence

Elevate your baby's tummy time experience with activities designed to stimulate their physical and cognitive growth. Witness your baby's progress and confidence soar.


Week 6:

Montessori Parenting, Toy Recommendations & setting up a Yes-Space for your Newborn to thrive in

Explore the principles of Montessori parenting and discover recommended toys and materials that promote independence, curiosity, and exploration in your baby.

By the end of this transformative 6-week course, you will receive:

  • A newfound confidence in maneuvering the 4th trimester and setting strong foundations for your baby’s thriving development 

  • A comprehensive reference guide to revisit whenever you need inspiration for activities or face challenges.

  • A personalized experience tailored to your baby's unique needs.

  • Membership in a supportive community of fellow mums, especially vital for us expats.

  • Empowerment and tranquility in your role as a mother, armed with knowledge and tools to nurture a confident, independent, and determined little human.

Join our select group of participants on this exclusive journey into the world of early motherhood. Your baby's development and your newfound confidence as a mother await. Don't miss this opportunity to master the 4th trimester and set the stage for a lifetime of growth and discovery.

Enroll now, because your baby's future begins here.

SensAbilities - Newborn Academy is lead by Mags - Montessori pedagogue & early childhood educator.

Join SenseAbilities now, and let Mags equip you with knowledge and tools to nurture your baby's movement, social skills, and brain power. This isn't just a class; it's a commitment to giving your newborn the very best start in life. Embrace the joy of watching your baby gently uncurl and blossom into their full-potential self. Master new skills and celebrate every milestone together.

With Mags' expertise and a nurturing "yes-space" environment, you're investing in a lifetime of thriving and curiosity. Don't wait – secure your spot today and unlock the endless possibilities of SenseAbilities - Newborn Academy!

Join us for a 6 week course blending movement, sensory exploration, and Montessori wisdom.

60min/ 6 weeks/ 330CHF - for the entire course

SenseAbilities Baby Academy.png

Mon: 12:30-13:30; Start: 11.09 (4 sessions)

For babies 6-12m

Did you know that the development of movement is closely connected with the development of the sensorimotor system that wires the brain. This means: For optimal brain growth, babies need to move! There are things you can do to support this development.

Babies 6-12m are SO ACTIVE & need a safe "yes-space" to be able to put their developing skills to the test. This period of baby’s life is all about exploring and learning through movement & the senses: touching, grasping & releasing, mouthing & it is best done in a safe & enticing environment created especially for reaching new milestones, like sitting, crawling, standing, cruising, walking.

This 4 week course is designed to

- strengthen baby’s muscles & boost baby’s balance, posture and stability, to help them reach new milestones

- nurture baby’s natural growth and curiosity about the world and how they interact with it, encouraging baby to move freely & learn about the surroundings safely, with the help of the senses

- boost brain development & improve sleep

- give you the knowledge, tools and resources you need to confidently navigate your baby's development - it empowers parents of 6 to 12-month-old babies to become architects of their baby's development.



WEEK 1: Laying the Foundation for Movement

  • Understand baby’s strong inclination for movement exploration; in the light of Montessori theory

  • The secrets behind setting up a safe and stimulating environment that encourages baby's movement exploration

  •  Learn how to boost core strength, improve motor skills, and lay the groundwork for future movement milestones.

WEEK 2: Nurturing Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Explore how baby refines their hand-eye coordination and grasping skills & get practical ideas for incorporating age-appropriate activities

  • Major gross motor milestones that typically occur between 6-12 months and how these milestones contribute to overall physical and cognitive development of baby

  • Ideas for sensory-rich activities that encourage babies to explore different textures, sounds, and spatial arrangements

WEEK 3: Encouraging Independence through Movement

  • The connection between movement, cognitive development, and problem-solving skills

  • Strategies for allowing baby to explore movement at their own pace, encouraging them to problem-solve and discover their physical capabilities independently.

WEEK 4: : Movement's Impact on Future Skills and Well-being

  • Cognitive development through movement: How movement experiences support brain development, enhance cognitive skills, and lay the foundation for future learning abilities.

  • Emotional and social development: The role of movement in building emotional regulation, self-esteem, and social skills. Discover how you can support their baby's emotional growth through movement-related interactions.

  • Long-term benefits of movement: How early movement experiences correlate with the development of skills like concentration, problem-solving, and creativity; and the potential impact on future academic success and overall well-being.

  • Building a movement-rich routine: Learn how to integrate movement-rich activities into your daily routine.

Imagine your baby exploring a specially designed "yes-space" where every corner invites growth and discovery. With gentle guidance, you'll help your baby conquer soft obstacles, crawl through tunnels, and navigate a baby parkour and gym. These exhilarating activities do more than build muscles – they forge neural pathways, boosting brain development, and confidence.

During our interactive sessions, together with baby, you will discover the world through movement and all the senses.

Put those crawling, scooting and cruising skills to the test and become a confident mover and shaker! Because after all, body confidence in our babies translates into a strong character, stamina and lifelong learning & curiosity.

By giving baby the possibility:

-- to move freely in a carefully designed "yes-space",
-- to explore their surroundings in an unhindered way,
-- by allowing them to follow their natural curiosity and activate their senses,
you are helping baby boost their brain development, social skills, linguistic abilities and enabling baby to sleep better too! Join this class (limited to only 4 participants) and set foundations for your baby’s next milestones!

SensAbilities - Baby Parkour & Sensory Exploration is lead by Mags - Montessori pedagogue & early childhood educator.

Join SenseAbilities now, and let Mags equip you with knowledge and tools to nurture your baby's movement, social skills, and brain power. This isn't just a class; it's a commitment to giving your baby the very best start in life. Embrace the joy of watching your baby master new skills and celebrate every milestone. With Mags' expertise and a nurturing "yes-space" environment, you're investing in a lifetime of thriving and curiosity. Don't wait – secure your spot today and unlock the endless possibilities of "Senseabilities"!

Join us for a 4 week course blending movement, sensory exploration, and Montessori wisdom.

60min/ 4 weeks/ 220CHF - for the entire course

Soothing Masterclass.jpg

Is your baby crying bloody murder?

For babies 0-3m

This masterclass is aimed at new mamas, with babies 0-3m

(in the 4th trimester).

In this online workshop you will:

- Understand the reasons behind baby’s crying

- Discover the top 3 most effective tools for soothing baby

- Claim back your sanity, feel empowered in moments of stress and enjoy the 4th trimester even more!

Price: FREE

Is baby a bit older and more active?
Ready to graduate from baby classes and join the older kids?
You might also want to try this!

Sensory for Toddlers classes are for the slightly older and more independent ones! Our toddlers love to explore, touch, feel, smell and use all their senses. We are here to present them with different opportunities to discover the world in an interesting & engaging way.
Come on a sensory adventure with your toddler & discover the world together:)

@ 15:15-16:15 on Tuesdays

@ 09:00-10:00 Select Saturdays

Trial class valid once - chf35


Semester price: number of classes x 35chf

Semester determined by the teacher

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