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English for Kids

What if you could give your child a head start in school
...and support their reading and writing skills, boost their confidence and communication?

If your child is 4-8years old and you:
- have tried helping your child to read and write BUT don’t have the time, energy, patience or knowledge of how to do it best
- are looking for the best possible methodology to get your child to fall in love with reading and writing
- are wondering how to get your child excited about reading and writing

You have come to the right place! With over a decade of experience in running English classes for children, we have helped hundreds of reluctant readers and writers turn into avid bookworms and authors of countless stories.
Join our ENGLISH READING & WRITING classes and see how your child thrives in school!  



To join a FREE Reading & Writing
Trial Class on Wednesday
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Englisch für Kinder write to:

English Lessons for Kids in Zurich

  • Themed adventure lessons in English for pre-school, kindergarten and primary-school children
    - Englisch für Anfänger (3-5Jahren & 5-7Jahren) - English for Beginners - (3-5yrs & 5-7yrs)
    - English Reading & Writing, Level 1 & 2: for kids 4-7yrs - introduction to phonics and writing

    - English Reading & Writing, Level 3 & 4: for kids 5-8yrs - digraphs, longer words and short sentences
    - English Reading & Writing, Level 5 & 6: for kids 6-8yrs - reading comprehension, answering questions

  • Family Phonics (Introduction to Reading and Writing, a program for parent and child 3-5yrs old)

  • Every class is a new adventure! We turn into superheroes, record our own movies, discover new cultures, taste new flavours, dig up fossils, create rocket-ships, rainbows and Big Bens. We encourage children to actively and spontaneously use and develop their imaginations and English skills in a safe and fun environment. 

  • Lessons are especially designed to develop your children's confidence and communication skills, help them discover new skills and passions and make new friends - whilst using English. It's a space where your kids can thrive.

  • Flexible timetable - Simply select the time that suits you best and start any day (subject to availability)!

  • Program based on the Australian and UK child development methodology • Methodology and materials: Jolly Phonics, Letterland, Oxford Reading Tree and other tested materials.

  • Group lessons available at the Academicus Atelier, Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich

English Reading & Writing, Club 1 & 2

Check our sign up page for lesson times and availability:

or write to
Kindergarten aged (4-7yrs) expat and native-speaking children, who want to maintain & develop their English skills through reading and writing
• No prior knowledge of reading and writing required
• The first 2 terms are focused on learning phonics: letter-sounds, in a dynamic, multi-sensory way - we employ mnemonics, storytelling, engage the whole body and not just the brain!
• First blending of sounds, which will help us build simple words and short sentences
• Learning and practicing letter formation: how to write upper and lower-case letters, through games, puzzles and activity sheets
• Practice new skills through home-based activities and readers

English Reading & Writing, Club 3 & 4

Check our sign up page for lesson times and availability:

or write to

•  Expat and native-speaking children, aged 5-7yrs who want to maintain & develop their English skills through more advanced reading and writing activities
• Phonics and blending will be continued to be practiced, however command of letter sounds & knowledge of exceptions to spelling rules is required
• Independent writing and more advanced reading skills will be practiced through games, challenges and dynamic activities
• Practice new skills through home-based activities and readers based on the Oxford Reading Tree and Antolin

English for Beginners - Englisch für Anfänger

Check our sign up page for lesson times and availability:

or write to

• Non-native speaking children, who love English and really want to start learning it or have already started it at school and would like to practice even more! 
• Become an English expert with our themed adventure classes in English for kindergarten and primary-school children
Every class is a new adventure! Experience English through all your senses: learn an incredible song each time, play  English games, discover a new book and take home a beautiful craft!
Classes are specially designed to develop your children's confidence and help them discover new skills and passions and make new friends - whilst using English. It's a space where your kids can thrive!

How we have successfully been teaching English
to hundreds of children in Zurich, since 2016

Our Unique Approach


Children learn best when they are fully engaged, inspired and have a love for what they are learning. Our customized courses are designed around the unique way each of our students learns and are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching English and children. Energise, excite and engage - this is what we do in every class!

With us, kids fall in love with English and look forward to their next lessons!


We empower kids to become communicators. We ensure children learn native pronunciation and whole language structures in a context, in a child-friendly way: through songs, games, sports competitions, creative activities and project work.

Our integrated and holistic method empowers kids to effortlessly communicate in English and apply newly learnt language skills in real-life situations.


We empower kids to become superheroes. Learning English with us inspires children to become more confident and develops not only their language but also their social and emotional skills.

Through games and collaborative activities, tailor made for our students, children develop a boldness and courage that they can then employ in every sphere of life. 


We empower kids to become creators. Enabling children to give expression to their creativity, activates their imaginations, unchains their curiosity and helps them immerse in the process of active and deep English language learning.

Our unique project-based learning approach, aided by arts, crafts, film-making, storytelling, child-approved books and educational games inspires kids and awakens their creative powers.


We empower kids to become discoverers and conquerors. 

Our notably dynamic teaching approach engages not only the mind but also the body. Through solving puzzles, competing in sports games and beating their own records, children fully engage in learning English and develop a sense of collaboration and appreciation for their accomplishments. They strive to be even faster, even stronger, even better!  

We teach so much more than 'just' English

We teach kids the skills they will need, to have bright and successful futures!

Discovering the WoW!

Our amazingly funtastic & effective English Clubs provide a holistic experience when learning, practicing and developing English: your child uses English in a naturally spontaneous way through educational activities, songs, games and creative projects.

As Expat-kids themselves, Katie & Mags (the founders of Academicus) know the struggles connected with integrating into a new environment, making new friends and learning the new language (whilst at the same time, not forgetting the mother tongue). It can all be quite overwhelming for a child!

That's why the English Clubs for Kids  in Zurich came to exist. The lessons are a space for expat and local children to meet weekly, make friends, develop their confidence and communication abilities, discover new skills and passions - whilst using English in a natural environment. It's a space where your kids can thrive and discover their own "WOW"!

Your child won't want to leave the class - guaranteed :)

English Lessons for Kids in Zurich available at:

Academicus Atelier
Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich

Color Pencils


Reading & Writing

The teachers are great. The atmosphere is great. And my kid is actually learning to read and write. So glad we found you- she keeps asking when the next class is on. That’s got to be the best feedback.

— Ben & Emma

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