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Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich

Party Time!

Birthdays only happen once a year, so it’s important to get them right! We are committed to going above and beyond to ensure your child's entertainment runs smoothly, so you can sit back, relax and watch the magic unfold!

Dress up to make the party more marvelous and unforgettable!

Our packages are perfect for those, who want their child's birthday to be a magical experience to remember.

Organize your party at our magical child-friendly birthday venue: The Academicus Atelier.

Birthday parties, family occasions, corporate events - we do them all!

Book our venue now - with or without entertainment!


Available languages: English, Polish, German

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Calm but Fun

1h Storytelling & Craft

  • Warm-up

  • Storytelling

  • Creative Craft

  • Goodie Bags

  • Venue: Academicus Atelier

An option for the calmer, more shy kids.

Super Fun

1h Entertainment

  • Warm-up

  • Games, Songs, Competitions

  • Creative Craft

  • Goodie Bags

  • Venue: Academicus Atelier

Perfect for the energetic ones.

Ultimate Fun

1.5h Entertainment

  • Super Fun Package +

  • Even more Games

  • Goodie-Bags

  • Venue: Academicus Atelier

Perfect for all Party Animals.​

Party Venue

Book OUR Party Venue NOW!

Party Themes

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess, who decided to celebrate her birthday by inviting all her princess and prince friends to her majestic castle in her vast Kingdom!

Our Princess Parties will take you and your child to the magical world of princes, frogs and dragons. Princesses will learn how to behave graciously, fight off dragons, dance at a ball and act like true royalty.

Our beautiful Princess will bring along everything needed for the entertainment including the music, lollies and prizes for all the children.

Our Paw Patrol Parties are full of excitement and fun, as our Pup Academy Trainer plays super fun games involving the whole Paw Patrol gang! All party guests will get a special Paw Patrol badge to take home, engage in a treasure hunt and show off their incredible detective and problem-solving pup-skills.

Our Paw Patrol Party entertainment includes a range of interactive games and activities.  Our Pup Trainer will bring along everything needed for the entertainment including the music, lollies and prizes for all the children.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a Superhero teaching your child the tricks of the superhero trade! Together with our Superhero, children will fight villains, save the world from the hands of evil and master the super secret techniques of fighting the bad guys.

After the Superhero Training each party participant will become a fully qualified superhero with incredible superpowers! ZAP! POW!

Our Superhero Trainer will bring along everything needed for the entertainment including the music, lollies and prizes for all the children.

Everything is awesome! Our Lego Parties are full of fun and imagination, as our Lego Building Expert gets all the children constructing creations and playing awesome Lego themed games.

Our Lego Party entertainment includes a range of interactive games and activities, Our Lego Experts will bring along everything needed for the entertainment including the Lego, music, lollies and prizes for all the children.

Our Pajama Parties are so much fun! There is no way you will be able to fall asleep during one of these ;)

You will be surrounded by pillows, duvets and pajama sacks, but the activities won't let you rest for a single moment!

Entertainment includes a range of interactive games and activities. Our Pajama specialists will bring along everything needed for the entertainment including the music, lollies and prizes for all the children.  

Our Rainbows and Unicorns Party is full of fun, excitement and imagination! In the Land of Make Believe wishes come true and it's all thanks to the sprinkling of some magic fairy dust and the power of a magical fairy stone;) Our Fairy will take you on an adventure through Rainbow Land flying through fluffy clouds, where you will encounter Unicorns and all things colourful!

Our Fairies will bring along everything needed for the entertainment including the music, lollies and prizes for all the children.  

With our Arts and Crafts Events children have the possibility to develop their creative spirit: spark the imagination and get ready to play!

Choice of Activities:

  • Plaster and/or Canvas Painting

  • Potato Stamp Art

  • Loom Bands - bracelets, necklaces, rings

  • Salt Dough Ornaments

  • Halloween, Easter, Christmas handcrafts

We provide everything needed for the selected activity such as paints, palettes, brushes, glitter, beads and an art smock for each child - to make sure they can get as creative as possible!

Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi - is your child the next sports superstar? Our Sports Events are too much fun to call them excercise!

Activities Include:

  • Warm up and streches

  • Team games: Relays, Races, Tug of War

  • Limbo

  • Giant Football

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Much, much more!

Our Sports Events are exciting, encourage team spirit and get the children moving! Sports games and activities are tailored to suit the age group of the children attending.

Company Events

Make your next corporate event unforgettable

At Academicus, we’re passionate about creating memorable corporate events across German-speaking Switzerland. We go above and beyond to ensure our entertainment is of the highest quality.

Book a kids entertainer with us and the children are guaranteed to have a lot of FUN!

We are experienced in organising small and large scale events for kids and would love to work with you!


We run a range of workshops such as Arts and Crafts, Sports, Storytelling, Themed Events and Crafts Corners  which are perfect if you’re looking for something different for your next company summer party, Christmas party, corporate anniversary, opening or any other fabulous corporate celebration!

Get in touch with us today and we will work with you to create a unique entertainment package that is tailored to your specific needs and will ensure your event runs smoothly and is something to remember!

Book directly with us or check out more fabulous corporate activities with

Creative Storytelling Workshops for Kids

Our educational, engaging, creative and FUN Storytelling Workshops for kids enable children to discover the world through inspiring books and story-telling, develop their creative talents and connect with others!
​Go under the sea with "Commotion in the Ocean", discover a terrifying Gruffalo, become a superhero with Super Worm! Large selection of stories and books available.

Creative Corner for Kids

Company events celebrate the employees and their families. Make your next company event even more exceptional, by including a dedicated Kids' Corner, where the children will be kept entertained and engaged, while the adults enjoy celebrating their accomplishments.
If its a summer-party, Christmas party, company anniversary or any other company occasion, make children a part of the celebrations. Fun, laughs and happiness guaranteed!

Themed Entertainment for Kids

Children will be engaged in a variety of active games and crafty activities, allowing them to let their imaginations and energy run wild!
Choose from one of the following themes and watch the magic unfold:
• Enchanted Kingdom (Princes, Princesses and Dragons) • Superhero • Paw Patrol • LEGO • Pajama Party • Rainbows and Unicorns • Arts and Crafts Events • Sports Events

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We were lucky enough to have Mags at our daughter’s birthday party, and it is fair to say she blew everyone away with her creative flair, charisma and natural magic touch with children! The kids were entranced by the wonderful story she wove around the party’s theme, combining fun and inspiring games and activities which left them all still talking about Mags (or Elsa :) long after party ended. If you are planning a party for your little one I would absolutely recommend Mags, who truly went above and beyond to make our child’s birthday celebrations a memorable and special day not to mention being the most lovely person to plan it all out with. Thank you Mags!!

— Chloe

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