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Weekend Events & Activities

Because weekends are a fantastic family affair!

After a busy week, there is no better way to enjoy the start of your weekend than with your children, engaged in learning and growing together!

Discover the joy of our engaging weekend activities, including Sensory for Babies and Toddlers, captivating Family Storytime in English or Polish, amazing Family Concerts with LIVE music, and themed Family Parties featuring beloved characters like Elsa, celebrations for Australia Day, St. Patrick’s Day, International Kids Day, Christmas, Halloween - there is no end to the excitement!

Weekends are for family, and there's no better way to make memories and spend quality time with your children than by participating in activities that bring joy to everyone!

Find your favourite activity and join us! We cannot WAIT to see you!

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Saturday Sensory for Babies.png

SATURDAY 18 May 2024

Sensory for Babies (3-12m) - Special Dads Edition!

Super Special Saturday Classes at 09:30

🌟 Discover the World of Wonders with Sensory for Babies: Saturday Edition!  An excellent class to get dads involved in baby’s world! Mums - join the class too and enjoy some tea/coffee, biscuits and social time!


Embark on a captivating journey with our Sensory for Babies classes, where we ignite your little one's innate curiosity about the world around them. Through a captivating blend of sensory activities, encompassing textures, objects, music and movement, we create an immersive experience that engages all their senses. From playful interactions to the magic of songs and dances, we'll accompany your baby on explorations that delight their touch, sight, and smell senses. Every session promises exciting baby adventures that stimulate their development in a joyous atmosphere. Join us as we share in the wonder of discovery, forging connections and fostering your baby's growth through meaningful sensory engagement.


DATE: Saturday, 08 Jun; 22 Jun; 06 Jul

TIME: 09:30-10:30

PRICE: 40CHF/ baby (3-12m)

Saturday Sensory for Toddlers.png

SATURDAY 18 May 2024

Sensory for Toddlers (walking children up to 3yrs)

Step into the world of exploration with our Sensory for Toddlers classes, tailored for those who are a bit older and brimming with newfound independence. Toddlers are natural adventurers, eager to touch, discover, and use their senses to unravel the wonders around them.

Our classes are thoughtfully crafted to provide a spectrum of opportunities that captivate their imagination and curiosity. Through hands-on experiences, songs, dances that activate the body and games, your toddler will delve into textures, scents, and sights, fostering a deeper connection to the world in an utterly engaging manner.

Join us on a captivating sensory escapade alongside your toddler, where shared moments of discovery become treasured memories, and your little one's natural curiosity is nurtured in an exciting and educational way.

DATE: Saturday, 08 Jun; 22 Jun; 06 Jul

TIME: 10:45-11:45

PRICE: 40CHF/ toddler (walking kids up to 3yrs)

Family pirate party.png


Family Pirate Party - HARRR!

Celebrating International Kids Day!

Why are pirates, pirates?

Because the HARRRRRR!

Jokes aside though;) Celebrate International Kids day with a theme, every child loves best! Turn into a pirate, sale the seven seas, walk the plank, escape from hungry sharks and search for hidden treasure - X marks the spot, of course!

A fantastic morning filled with pirate songs, jigs, games and laughter! Oh and every participating pirate gets to make a pirate hat to take home! A wonderful way of spending and exciting family morning! Join Mags and her pirate crew, as she sets sail to lands far away!

DATE: Saturday, 29.06.2024

TIME: 10:00 - 11:00

PRICE: 35CHF/ Family (recommended age 2yrs-6yrs)

Colorful Cute Doodle Kids Apparel Instagram Post.png


Rodzinne Świętowanie Lata!

Dla rodzin z dziećmi 2-6lat,

Sobota 06.07, 12:00-13:30

90min @ CHF 40.00

Zapraszamy na wyjątkową przygodę rodzinną! W sobotę 06.07 od godziny 11:00 będziemy się przebierać za piratów, walczyć z rekinami, pływać na statkach pirackich, szukać skarbów i nawet opalać brzuchy na piasku!
Wspaniały poranek pełen animacji, pirackich piosenek i sensorycznych przygód, a dla spragnionych rodziców będzie kawa i herbata w zanadrzu!
Nie ma lepszego sposobu na przywitanie lata!

DATE: Sobota 06.07. 2024

Godzina: 12:00 - 13:30

Cena: 40CHF/ Rodzina

Family Storytime(3).png

SATURDAY 13th JUL 10:00-11:00

Family Summer Party!

Welcome summer! As we bid farewell to another incredible school year, we would love to invite you and your family to a last hoorah!

  Join in the fun of Hawaiian dancing, sun-bathing, surfing and making the most exquisite leis! 

Here’s to an incredible summer ahead!

DATE: Saturday 13th July

TIME: 10:00-11:00

PRICE: 35CHF/ family

First aid .png

Hands on First aid course with Lui Holzleg (MD) from Healthy & Safe for expecting & new parents

Next date: AUGUST 31, 2024

Learn Life Saving & First Aid Skills such as:

• Dealing with impairment of consciousness including drowning

• Recognition and treatment of medical shock

• Algorithm of basic life support (BLS) with CPR

• Responding to choking, drowning, managing head injuries, poisoning, ticks

Through practical examples & training, learn how to keep your child healthy and safe.

Lui’s courses book out fast, so be sure to book your spot for your desired date.





4 hours @ CHF 150.00

Snacks & beverages included

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Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 ZH

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