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Montessori Milestones Mastermind -
Practical Montessori Parenting with baby 3-12m

Happy Baby

Gain clarity and confidence in your parenting
to raise a resilient, independent & joyful baby

As a new mum, it's completely understandable to feel lost, overwhelmed, and anxious,
especially if you're far from your home country, your family, and your friends.

I was overwhelmed with all the information people around me were providing me with, books that I was reading and information I was reading online on how to raise a child. The feeling of overwhelm is the worst when it comes to your baby, because then you feel like you are not doing enough and your baby will not be raised well because you didn't do enough

After birth you realize as a mom you have the main responsibility to raise this human being who solely depends on you - where do you even start? Especially when your whole family is away, in a different country!

I was feeling rather at sea in terms of practical mothering;

I hadn't done much reading about development, and I was overwhelmed whenever I tried to. I don't have much experience with babies, and don't have many friends with babies at the moment, so I was feeling at a loss and quite anxious.

As a mum, I was not feeling confident in my motherhood always doubting myself.

I started reading books - thick books about baby development, but by the time i had finished them, my baby was already past the milestones I had been reading about.

At the end of the day, we want to know that we are doing the right thing for our babies and giving them the best start to life.

You are not alone, and your feelings are valid.
Parenting is hard, it does not come with a manual, nobody is a "natural" parent
and it's okay to feel self-doubt and overwhelm.

What if you...

  • could change that narrative and become more confident in your parenting skills?

  • had the exact knowledge you needed, at the time you needed it, to better support your baby’s development?

  • knew exactly how to handle your baby - to boost their confidence and help them fulfill their potential?

  • knew how to communicate with your baby to empower them, build them up & strengthen linguistic capabilities?

  • had the tools to set up a "yes space" at home for your baby - a space, where your baby could feel a part of the family & thrive in?

  • actually enjoyed the precious first year of babyhood, instead of questioning yourself and wondering if you are "doing it right?"


Wouldn’t that be amazing!

This can be your reality. All it takes is the first step.

So, take a deep breath, acknowledge the incredible job you're already doing, and join us on a transformative journey with the Montessori Milestones Mastermind.

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Mummy & Me Montessori Milestones Mastermind

(for baby 3-12m)

If you have ever wondered how to start using Montessori at home, how to apply Montessori principles for raising baby - this is a class for YOU!


Join me on Thursdays (starting May 16th) at 14:00 for a deep dive into how you can introduce Montessori in your daily life with baby (recommended age 3-12m):

  • Montessori principles and how to introduce them in daily life with baby

  • Your baby’s development: how to understand & support your baby in reaching their next milestones, & how to set strong foundations for an independent & confident childhood

  • Becoming an empowered & prepared parent, who knows how to respond to baby’s needs & knows exactly what to do to allow baby reach their full potential

  • The secrets of setting up your home as a "yes-space" - the Montessori way and when & how to introduce Montessori toys

  • Areas covered: Learn tools for empowered communication, boost language development, stimulate gross motor movement, understand the somato-sensory system and the secrets to hand-eye coordination.

Learning about Montessori has changed the way I parent and if you would love to experience parenthood in a calmer, more empowered and joyful way, knowing how to set yourself up and your home up to help your baby grow and thrive then I would love to see you for these classes!
xx Mags

Thursday Montessori Milestones

14:00-15:00 with Mags Salton, Qualified Montessori Assistant to Infancy with Association Montessori Internationale, MA Education, Founder of Academicus

START: May 16th

Price: chf275 / 5sessions


What past participants are saying

"I really really enjoyed the classes and I have learned so much from them. I feel so much more confident as a mom, this also reflects everything I do for my baby. I applied the majority of the things that was discussed during class at home - its still not perfect of course - but getting there. I see my daughter is growing and changing.
I started enjoying raising her. I think it all came with me being more confident in my motherhood."

"It was a huge relief to have such a lovely nurturing space to learn about baby development, and to be guided in ways in which to support that. Having a framework for thinking about baby development is hugely helpful, as is having practical activities to do and provide for my baby to support her development."

"We were always able to share personal experiences during class that was also really nice.

I loved the printouts I have them in the living room I re-read them time to time."

"I feel that it is an amazing approach that connects conscious parenting and parental vision of upbringing independent individuals. The course inspired me in so many ways to introducing seemingly minor changes to our daily life that had profound consequences on how I look at motherhood. Each session had a clear topic and all of them were interesting. You led the course with such positive energy and non-judgemental approach, thank you for this."

The next edition of the Montessori Milestones Mastermind
starts Thursday, 16th May, 14:00

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