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Picture this...
A calm 3 hours in the morning, during which you know your child is in the best possible care, entertained, educated, making new friends, embarking on new adventures, learning to be independent, while you get a chance to drink a hot coffee and just have time for yourself! It’s time to discover our MORNING PLAYGROUPS!

If your child is  pre-kindergarten age 1,5-4yrs old and you would like to
- help them learn to become more independent & participate in exciting activities without having to hold their hand every minute of the class
- help your child prepare for kindergarten in a gentle and educational way
- expose them to native English (on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays ) and Polish (on Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
- empower them to create, learn and make new friends on their own

Join us for our signature Morning Playgroups and watch as your child blossoms into an independent, curious and creative young person, excited to head into kindergarten, when the time comes!

Academicus 16.png

Discover our engaging English playgroup (Englische Spielgruppe) for kids 1,5-4yrs old!


Join us for a dynamic morning filled with smiles, laughter, songs, dances, stories, and creative activities in English.


Our drop-off mornings offer a nurturing pre-kindergarten experience, fostering your child's independence, skill acquisition, and new friendships. At 10:00, we provide wholesome snacks to keep the fun going.


Our Playgroup nurtures social interactions and enhances gross and fine motor skills, all while ensuring a fantastic time together.

Don't miss out! Sign up for a trial session before enrolling for the rest of the semester. Your child's thriving future begins here!

@09:00-12:00 on Mondays

@09:00-12:00 on Thursdays

@09:00-12:00 on Fridays

One-time trial drop off - chf70

Semester sign up required - chf65/morning 1 cycle


Zapraszamy na Polska Play Grupe!

Spotykamy sie raz w tygodniu i sie swietnie razem bawimy:) Spiewamy, skaczemy, gramy na instrumentach, czytamy, rysujemy i tworzymy dziela sztuki. Ok 10:00 mamy mala przerwe na drugie sniadanie, po czym dalej sie bawimy. Zapraszamy! Zajecia odbywaja sie bez rodzicow.


@09:00-12:00 we wtorki 

@09:00-12:00 w srody

Probny poranek- chf70 - jednorazowo

Obowiazuje zapis semestralny - chf65/poranek w 1 cyklu


Also recommended for our
Playgroup-aged kids:

Mums & Muffins (Instagram Post)(1).jpg

Looking for a cozy, safe and child friendly activity, where babies can casually practice their moving and exploring?


Thursdays 14:00-16:00

For children 0-3yrs

Mums & Muffins is a great opportunity to meet up indoors in a space where babies, toddlers and pre-kindergarten kids can roam freely in a safe environment full of amazing toys, props, gadgets, ramps, pillows and much more! While the mums get to eat a yummy muffin, drink a tea or coffee & socialise with likeminded mums.
Join us each week for this fantastic opportunity to exchange parenthood experiences while your little one plays with age appropriate toys and meets other little friends!

Playgroup Graduates


If you have graduated from our fabulous morning English Playgroup and have started Kindergarten BUT you would LOVE to keep your English skills, join our super special Story Stars class!

Each Monday we embark on a fantastic learning adventure with books, songs, games and keep developing our incredible English skills!

Boost your confidence, communication and creativity and sign up for our Monday classes!

This weekly activity is perfect for children, who want to maintain and further their English communication skills.

Includes a gentle introduction to first reading and writing skills.

Term signup required.


MONDAYS at 14:00

English Reading & Writing 1

The best way to keep your English skills is to use them!

And our favourite Reading and Writing 1 class is just perfect to get our kids excited about reading and writing and using English!

With lots of hands on activities, games, songs, competitions and practice, watch as your child becomes a confident reader and writer - from scratch.

We go through the alphabet phonetically, we practice our letters, we put them together and read simple 2-3-4 letter words - your child doesn't even realise they are learning!

 Term signup required.

For more info, please write to



FRI, Domowe Przedszkole.png

Domowe Przedszkole Piatki, 15:30-17:30

2 godziny @ CHF 55.00

W Domowym Przedszolu spotykają się dzieci w wieku od

4 do 6 lat.

Podczas zajęć czytamy, śpiewamy i poznajemy polską kulturę.

Zajęcia obejmuja zagadnienia związane z porami roku, świętami, tradycjami, znanymi polskimi postaciami. Podczas lekcji pracujemy na tekstach dla dzieci, muzyce i sztuce.

Malujemy, gotujemy, wycinamy i bawimy się!

Dołącz do nas juz dzis!

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