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Toddler Activities in Zurich

Embarking on a new adventure with your TODDLER each week: Discovering new songs, stories, new concepts;
Learning together, whilst deeply connecting and having the BEST time - without having to do all the research and prep-work yourself (nor having to clean up afterwards:)

If you are a parent  of a toddler 1-3yrs old and are looking for activities that will:
- channel your toddler’s incredible energy, fierce curiosity & un-quenched enthusiasm into dynamic and purposeful tasks that will also support your toddler’s learning
- enable you to connect with each other by sharing exciting learning experiences
- enable your toddler to discover their independence and empower them to start doing things on their own


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Welcome to our activities dedicated to toddlers
- in the heart of Zürich!

Our children aged 1-3yrs are in a super exciting & energetic phase in their lives, where they are dynamically developing and putting their gross motor skills to the test, discovering themselves, their surroundings, and their language skills experience an explosion! They are experiencing rapid brain development and acquisition of new skills on a daily basis! There is nothing more beautiful than being part of this learning journey.
It can get quite intense at times for us parents... and from experience we know it is nice to share this journey with other like-minded families.

Additionally, researching and setting up activities for toddlers can be time consuming and me
ssy. AND if you find yourself scratching your head wondering what you should be doing with your toddler in the first place , then you have come to the right place! Let us take care of all the prep for you - All you need to do, is join our exciting toddler classes and watch the magic unfold!

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toddler actvities
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Find the perfect toddler class for your child:

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Language & Communication Workshop

for parents with children 0-18m

Monday 24th June, 13:45-15:15

Unlock the secrets of effective communication and language development for your pre-verbal child at our upcoming workshop facilitated by Montessori guide, Mags Salton.

In this workshop, you'll explore:

  • The innate wiring of babies & toddlers for communication: Learn how children are naturally primed to absorb language and respond to various forms of communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

  • The importance of caregiver communication: Understand the pivotal role parents play in fostering language skills, self-esteem, confidence, and emotional well-being in children.

  • Practical communication techniques: Gain valuable insights into how to effectively communicate with your child, utilizing both spoken words and non-verbal cues.

  • Montessori principles and tools: Discover how you can apply Montessori principles to support your child's communication, language & holistic development, including fostering independence, respect, and creating an enriching learning environment.

  • Identifying and avoiding hindrances: Learn about common pitfalls and misconceptions that could impede your child's linguistic, cognitive and emotional growth, and how to avoid them.

    Workshop details: Join us on Monday, June 24th, from 13:45 to 15:15, and embark on a journey toward nurturing strong communication skills, confidence, and emotional well-being in your little one.

Workshop price: CHF 60

Sensory for Toddlers (for walking children 1-3yrs)
Tuesdays 15:15-16:15

Step into the world of exploration with our Sensory for Toddlers classes, tailored for those who are a bit older and brimming with newfound independence. Toddlers are natural adventurers, eager to touch, discover, and use their senses to unravel the wonders around them. Our classes are thoughtfully crafted to provide a spectrum of opportunities that captivate their imagination and curiosity. Through hands-on experiences, songs, dances that activate the body and games, your toddler will delve into textures, scents, and sights, fostering a deeper connection to the world in an utterly engaging manner. Join us on a captivating sensory escapade alongside your toddler, where shared moments of discovery become treasured memories, and your little one's natural curiosity is nurtured in an exciting and educational way.

Trial class valid once - chf40

Semester price: number of classes x 35chf

Semester determined by the teacher

Saturday Sensory for Toddlers.png

Sensory for Toddlers (walking children up to 3yrs)

Super Special Saturday Classes at 10:45

Saturday 03 FEB, 02 MAR, 20 APR, 04 MAY 2024
40CHF, 60min

🌈 Embark on a Sensory Adventure on select Saturdays with yourToddler! 🎉

Join us for a monthly rendezvous filled with sensory delights and engaging exploration!

Perfect for our older children, who love putting their gross motor skills to the test!

Join us!

Toddlers Superhero Sports.png

Superhero Sports (for kids 1,5-4yrs)

Thursdays 15:15-16:15

Price: Trial session - 40CHF

Brace yourselves for an action-packed adventure every Thursday as we introduce our Superhero Sports class—a thrilling journey into the world of fitness, fun, and superhero prowess.

🏆 Why Join the Superhero Sports Craze? 🏅

  1. Energy Unleashed: Let your little ones burn off energy in a way that's as exciting as it is beneficial. Our Superhero Sports class combines physical activity with imaginative play, ensuring an engaging and dynamic experience for your child.

  2. Motor Skills Marvels: Watch as your superhero-in-training develops essential motor skills. From running and jumping to balancing and coordination exercises, each activity is designed to promote physical development in a playful and superhero-themed environment.

  3. Social Superpowers: Thursdays are all about teamwork and camaraderie! Our class fosters social interaction as little heroes work together on challenges, sharing the joy of accomplishment and building friendships along the way.

  4. Parent-Child Bonding: Join the fun with your little hero! Superhero Sports is a fantastic opportunity for parents to actively participate in their child's growth, creating special bonding moments that strengthen your connection both on and off the field.

  5. Confidence Boost: As your child masters superhero-inspired activities, their confidence will soar to new heights. Celebrate their achievements and witness the transformation of your little one into a more self-assured and capable superhero.

💥 Why You Can't Miss Out: 💥

This isn't just a sports class—it's a superhero training ground! Join us on Thursdays at 15:15 for our super class!

Lunch & learn.png

Lunch & Learn (for kids 2-4yrs)

1 hour @ CHF 40.00

Fridays: 12:00-13:00

Our Lunch and Learn class is all about food. We will learn about the ingredients we use, help peel, cut, measure and prepare the meal. Your child will learn what is healthy for their brain and why. They will learn the process of meal preparing, while working in a group. Of course, they then get to eat what they made, and take anything they didn't eat home. A lot of learning, fun and a full tummy is guaranteed!


Especially fabulous for picky eaters, as your child gets to experience their own meal preparation and discover new flavours, textures, smells, activating all the senses - in an inviting group set-up.

The meals can be cold or warm depending on the current menu.
Join us!

Playball in Zurich.png

Playball for Parents & Kids

THUR: 16:30-17:30

Recommended age: 1-5yrs

Playball is a multi-sport skills programme for the youngest, where they learn life sills through ball sports.
Come learn fundamental movement and sport skills with Salima - a Playball coach - who will introduce you and your little one to the world of ball sports. Participation in sport promotes physical development and provides a healthy and balanced perspective on life. Join the fun and get individual attention in a non-competitive environment.

Price: 35CHF/ per family

Family Storytime (for families with children 1,5+yrs)

Select Saturdays, 10:15-11:15

Upcoming Saturdays: 24.02, 23.03, 27.04

Attention all moms, dads, brothers, and sisters!

We would love to welcome you to our captivating Saturday morning Bookworm Club – an exciting experience designed for the entire family! Together, we will set forth on thrilling escapades alongside some fascinating characters, unraveling the beauty of our world. Engage in the joy of learning new melodies, dances, and interactive games that promise shared laughter and unforgettable moments. Join us as we create cherished memories and bond over the magic of stories, fostering connections that will last a lifetime. Get ready for an unparalleled adventure that's bound to bring us all closer together!

Price: 35CHF/ per family

Family Story-time in Polish

Zapraszamy cala rodzine na wspaniale zajecia podczas ktorych spiewamy, tanczymy, poznajemy swiat zmyslami i czytamy po przygodach Jadzi Petelki.

Jest to idealny sposob na spedzenie poranka w gronie Polskich rodzin: Rozwijamy tu zdolnosci jezykowe i motoryczne, nowe zainteresowania oraz wysmienicie sie bawimy!
Rekomendowany wiek dzieci 1,5-4,5 lat.

Cena: chf35 od rodziny!

Spotykamy sie w wybrane soboty o 09:00

Would your toddler love to try
being more independent?
Ready to graduate from mummy and me classes and join the older kids at Playgroup?

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