Winter Camp
14-18 February

To register, please send an email to

To register, please send an email to

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Winter Camp for kids in Zurich

Mon, 14th Feb- Fri, 18th Feb - Winter Camp (Kids 5+yrs)

A FULL WEEK of Learning, Sports, Crafts, Fun & ENGLISH!

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Why join the Academicus Winter Camp?

  • Program in English which helps your child improve their English language skills in a natural environment

  • Heaps of adventures, disguised education, new discoveries, sports, crafts and FUN!

  • Breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks included!

  • Amazing full day program adjusted to working parents' schedules - drop off at 8:30-9:00 & pick up at 17:30-18:00

  • Convenient drop off and pick up at ACADEMICUS ATELIER - Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002, Zurich

  • Have your kids participate in an entire week of fun or choose the day you like best

What’s included:

  • Transportation tickets

  • Entries to places of interest

  • Creative materials

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Specialist supervisors

  • 9hours of thrilling activities for kids


  • Academicus Winter Camp - 765CHF for full 5 days of camp, or 190CHF per single days

Minimum of 4 participants - Maximum 7 participants per supervising adult


Looking for activities for kids in Zurich in the Winter Break? The Academicus Winter Camp is here to make your Winter in the city fabulously AMAZING! An action packed week, full of discovery and learning. We provide fun, active and creative activities for children  5+ years of age. Our goal is to make the Winter Break in Zurich exciting, educational and fun for kids. Our program offers a huge range of activities for kids: sports, storytelling, creative workshops, experimenting, tinkering

The Academicus Winter Camp in Zurich is active, interactive and fun, allowing children 5+yrs to explore their capabilities and creativity through sports, games and artistic workshops.  Guided activities are balanced by opportunities for the children to let out their energy in parks and playgrounds and in the Academicus Atelier. The Winter Camp is conducted entirely in English, so kids have a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of English and activate their native- (or second-) language in a native speaking environment. Every day we broaden our horizons, learning something new, in a fun and entertaining way. We activate our bodies and minds - making sure the camp is a holistic experience!
We are sure to keep your kids busy and happy!

Who is The Academicus Winter Camp in Zurich for?

  • The Academicus Autumn Camp in Zurich is for children 5+ yrs

  • The camp activities are conducted in English only - full immersion in English

  • The program is appropriate for native English speaking & bilingual kids

  • Children with communicative English are welcome to join & boost their English

Check out our winter 2022 Program



Monday 14th February 2022 - Greetings, All about Asia and Valentine's Day

Hello, Ni hao and Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, is our welcome day! We get to know each other while playing a variety of fun games!

Today we discover where Asia lies, what it is famous for and which countries belong to it. We will visit the famous China Garten and on an adventure trail around Zurich find fountains, parks and playgrounds.

As today is Valentine's Day we will make a few surprise gifts for our mummies and daddies! We will read a book about Super Mummy and Super Daddy, learn some special songs and have more time for fun and crafts.

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Tuesday 15th February 2022 - Amazing Africa, Safari Animal Masks and Fantasy Mini Golf

African Mask Making and Fantasy Mini Golf

Today we will discver the amazing African Continent. We will go on a Safari and learn about the Ugly Five. We will dance to African music, make necklases and bracelets made with many beeds. After a morning of discovering Africa we will head out for some Fantasy Mini Golf:) Once back at Academicus, more excitement awaits! Today we will also be making animal masks and puppets and playing many new games.

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Wednesday 16th February 2022 - Magical Mexico and North America + Kunsthaus

Hola! Hello to North America! Kunsthaus

North America has so much to offer! We will learn about Canada, the USA and Mexico. We will make amazingly colourful Mexican crafts to take home and also become real Mariachis. After a morning of fun, games and crafts, we will head over to Kunsthaus to see if we can find even more artistic inspiration. Of course, we will also read some books, visit some playgrounds and as always have heaps of fun!

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Thursday 17th February 2022 - South America and Brazilian Capoeira + Ice Skating

Pink Dolphins + Capoeira = Brazil! and Ice Skating:)

After visitng to North America, we head to South America, where we learn about the Amazon Jungle and Pink Dolphins that live in the Amazon river! We will make cute pink dolphins to take home and learn some Brazilian capoeira movements. Boa dia to this beautiful country and Hola to all the others! 

There might not be any ice in Brazil but we will find some close to the Dolder where we will head in the afternoon! Back at Acdemicus more bookes, crafts and fun awaits us!

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Friday 18th February 2022 - Spring Ding Indoor Playground

Antarctica! Jump around!


To complete our fantastic week of jam-packed activities, we will learn about some animals living in Antarctica. We will then head over to the AMAZING Spring Ding indoor playground to slide on our tummies like pinguins and jump around like seals jumping out of the cold waters!

We'll test our driving skills, jumping skills, climbing skills and running of course. Heaps of Fun guaranteed:)

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To register, please send an email to