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Winter Camp
13-17 February

To register, please send an email to

To register, please send an email to

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Winter Camp for kids in Zurich

Mon, 13th Feb- Fri, 17th Feb - Winter Camp (Kids 5+yrs)

A FULL WEEK of Learning, Sports, Crafts, Fun & ENGLISH!

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Why join the Academicus Winter Camp?

  • Program in English which helps your child improve their English language skills in a natural environment

  • Heaps of adventures, disguised education, new discoveries, sports, crafts and FUN!

  • Breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks included!

  • Amazing full day program adjusted to working parents' schedules - drop off at 8:30-9:00 & pick up at 17:30-18:00

  • Convenient drop off and pick up at ACADEMICUS ATELIER - Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002, Zurich

  • Have your kids participate in an entire week of fun or choose the day you like best

What’s included:

  • Transportation tickets

  • Entries to places of interest

  • Creative materials

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Specialist supervisors

  • 9hours of thrilling activities for kids


  • Academicus Winter Camp - 785CHF for full 5 days of camp, or 195CHF per single days

Minimum of 4 participants - Maximum 7 participants per supervising adult


Looking for activities for kids in Zurich in the Winter Break? The Academicus Winter Camp is here to make your Winter in the city fabulously AMAZING! An action packed week, full of discovery and learning. We provide fun, active and creative activities for children  5+ years of age. Our goal is to make the Winter Break in Zurich exciting, educational and fun for kids. Our program offers a huge range of activities for kids: sports, storytelling, creative workshops, experimenting, tinkering

The Academicus Winter Camp in Zurich is active, interactive and fun, allowing children 5+yrs to explore their capabilities and creativity through sports, games and artistic workshops.  Guided activities are balanced by opportunities for the children to let out their energy in parks and playgrounds and in the Academicus Atelier. The Winter Camp is conducted entirely in English, so kids have a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of English and activate their native- (or second-) language in a native speaking environment. Every day we broaden our horizons, learning something new, in a fun and entertaining way. We activate our bodies and minds - making sure the camp is a holistic experience!
We are sure to keep your kids busy and happy!

Who is The Academicus Winter Camp in Zurich for?

  • The Academicus Autumn Camp in Zurich is for children 5+ yrs

  • The camp activities are conducted in English only - full immersion in English

  • The program is appropriate for native English speaking & bilingual kids

  • Children with communicative English are welcome to join & boost their English

Check out our winter 2023 Program



Monday 13th February 2023 - Greetings, Land Animals and a special Animal Discovery Trail

Hello, Fastest &slowest, biggest &smallest animals on land!

Today, is our welcome day! We get to know each other while playing a variety of fun games!

Today we learn about animals that live on land, which one is the fastest, the smallest, the heaviest?! After a morning of discovery, fun and giraffe puppet making, we will set off on an adventure trail with maps and riddles to find some of these amazing animals, and play in some awesome playgrounds.

Upon return we will read a book about the Ugly Five and make lion masks. 

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Tuesday 14th February 20223- Animals of the past, a dino museum and Valentine's Day

All about dinosaurs, dino dancing, hatching dinos, and more!

Today we will discover the animals that lived on planet Earth before the current animals did. Thats right, today we meet a T-Rex, a Brontosaurus, a Pterodactyl and other scary dinosaurs. We will learn some dino dances, stomp, chomp and roar. We will head to the famous dinosaur museum to see their skeletons and learn more interesting facts about these "animals of the past". Once back at Academicus, more excitement awaits with a dinosaur craft and something special for Valentine's Day.

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Wednesday 15th February 2023 - animals that live in the water & ice skating like a penguin

Sharks, crabs, lobster, penguins and ice-skating - so much fun!

Today we will talk about animals that live in the water; lakes, seas and oceans. Does an underwater unicorn really exist?! Yes! Why can these creatures live underwater and we cant? After a morning of learning, fun, games and crafts, we will head over to the Heuried Ice Skating facility to test our penguin-like skating and sliding skills. Back at Academicus a book about a shark and a shark craft awaits us!

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Thursday 16th February 2023 - why cant I fly like a bird?

Birds, planes, balloons and other flying creatures.

Today we get to know some flying, swimming and running birds. Why can birds fly like an airplane? Which bird is the fastest? We will create our own birds nests with two little birds:) Today we will head to the Zoological museum and watch out for more birds there. After that we will jump on a boat and head to the park for some more fun. We will look out for more birds, of course, feed some swans and see some divers. Eventually, we will head back to Academicus for some final crafts and fun!

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Friday 17th February 2023 - Marsupials? What's that?

Australian animals are super special and a visit to the Zoo


To complete our fantastic week of jam-packed activities, we will learn about some special animals living on the smallest continent - Australia. What is a joey? Have you ever heard a Tasmanian Devil roar? After a morning of exploration of the animals from "Down Under", we will head over to the Zoo to see if we can find them and all the other animals from this week's discoveries. 

Such a great way to end this fantastic week full of learnings, fun and discovery!

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To register, please send an email to

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