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Halloween Lights

Autumn Camp 2024 in Zurich
for kids 5+yrs

07.10 - 11.10

To register, please send an email to

Or register directly HERE:

Check out our spook-tacular
AUTUMN 2024 Halloween Programme



Monday - Enge Discovery, Sports & All about Spiders

Can you spy the spider?

Today, is our welcome day! We get to know each other while playing a variety of fun games! We will go on an adventure trail around Enge and find fountains, parks and playgrounds. We will go on a special treasure hunt and have a picnic in nature. 

Back at Academicus we will make our own spider webs and friendly spiders, read a book about a happy spider and have more time for fun and crafts.

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Tuesday -  Sports, Masks and Wands, Museum of Masks

Happy or Scary Mask Making?

Today will be all about team sports! We have relay races, obstacle courses, soccer and tag prepared. We will spend half a day in the park playing various games and having loads of laughs. Once back at Academicus, more excitement awaits! Today we will be making paper mache masks, folowed by magical wands. We will read a book about an adventurous witch and learn some magic spells.

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Wednesday - Magic Potion, Some Science and Many Colours

Scientific Potions and Magical Colours

After becoming Archers and shooting all the ghosts in town, we will calm down with a game of Croquet.

Back at Academicus we will co-create a magic potion and see how colours mix. We will learn why the potion bubbles like a real witch's cauldron and see what happens when we mix different colours.

Our masks from the day before, will have dried so we will be able to finally paint them!



Thursday - Ghost Lanterns and a Haunted Castle

Little architects build a Haunted House!

One final time we head to the park for a warm up, games and races. Back at Academicus we turn into designers and architects and build a Haunted House. We will be using various techiniques and materials to create the best ghost house in Switzerland. What's a haunted house without Ghost Lanterns?! Every child will make their own lantern to take home, ready to scare all the ghosts away on Halloween.



Friday - Indoor Playground

Jump around!


To complete our fantastic week of jam-packed activities, we head over to the AMAZING indoor playground for kids! It is so much fun for both young and old! We'll test our driving skills, jumping skills, climbing skills and running of course. Heaps of Fun guaranteed:)

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To register, please send an email to

To register, please send an email to

Or register directly HERE:

Autumn Camp for kids in Zurich

07.10 - 11.10  &  14.10-18.10

FULL WEEKS of Learning, Sports, Crafts, Fun & ENGLISH!

SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW! Register now!


Why join the Academicus Autumn Camp?

  • Program in English which helps your child improve their English language skills in a natural environment

  • Heaps of adventures, disguised education, new discoveries, sports, crafts and FUN!

  • Breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks included!

  • Amazing full day program adjusted to working parents' schedules - drop off at 8:30-9:00 & pick up at 17:30-18:00

  • Convenient drop off and pick up at ACADEMICUS ATELIER - Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002, Zurich

  • Have your kids participate in an entire week of fun or choose the day you like best

Whats included:

  • Transportation tickets

  • Entries to places of interest

  • Creative materials

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Specialist supervisors

  • 9hours of thrilling activities for kids


  • Academicus Autumn Camp - 785CHF for full 5 days of camp, or 195CHF per single days

Minimum of 4 participants - Maximum 7 participants per supervising adult


Looking for activities for kids in Zurich in the Autumn Break? The Academicus Autumn Camp is here to make your Autumn in the city fabulously AMAZING! An action packed week, full of discovery and learning. We provide fun, active and creative activities for children  5+ years of age. Our goal is to make the Autumn Break in Zurich exciting, educational and fun for kids. Our program offers a huge range of activities for kids: sports, storytelling, creative workshops, experimenting, tinkering

The Academicus Autumn Camp in Zurich is active, interactive and fun, allowing children 5+yrs to explore their capabilities and creativity through sports, games and artistic workshops.  Guided activities are balanced by opportunities for the children to let out their energy in parks and playgrounds and in the Academicus Atelier. The Autumn Camp is conducted entirely in English, so kids have a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of English and activate their native- (or second-) language in a native speaking environment. Every day we broaden our horizons, learning something new, in a fun and entertaining way. We activate our bodies and minds - making sure the camp is a holistic experience!
We are sure to keep your kids busy and happy!

Who is The Academicus Autumn Camp in Zurich for?

  • The Academicus Autumn Camp in Zurich is for children 5+ yrs

  • The camp activities are conducted in English only - full immersion in English

  • The program is appropriate for native English speaking & bilingual kids

  • Children with communicative English are welcome to join & boost their English

To register, please send an email to

Or register directly HERE:

Check out just some of the fun we have had so far!


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Academicus City Autumn Camp in Zurich

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To register, please send an email to

Academicus City Winter Camp in Zurich

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We are so lucky to have found you! I can say, you were born to make kids happy! They've made such great memories during the camp and for that I am deeply grateful! I must confess, I was sad today when I realised that the camp ended. Every afternoon, I was so excited to hear what kind of adventures they experienced! Hope we can see you as often as possible!

— Mum of Camp Participant

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