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Create  Play  Learn

Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich

A learning space for families to connect, grow & thrive

in Zurich.

With a wide range of educational activities & events for parents, babies, toddlers and older children -

you are bound to find something special for you and your family!

Our activities provide the best possible start to a thriving life for children & are a safe and welcoming space for families in Zurich, who want to connect, grow and thrive.

Welcome to Academicus - your tribe in Zurich, where we raise life-long learners - together.

Check out our agenda below and sign up for your favourite classes!


Create  Play  Learn

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Baby Activities

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Have you ever wondered...
What was truly happening inside of your BABY?
How was baby developing? What milestones should baby be reaching?
Wondered, what you could be doing with your baby to help them reach their full potential?

If you are a parent  of a baby 0-12 months old and are looking for activities that will:
- help you and your baby bond,
- allow you to spend quality time together doing activities that are developmentally appropriate for your baby 
- empower you by giving you the knowledge & tools to correctly handle baby and stimulate their development
- expose baby to broader social interactions and allow you to connect with other like-minded parents
- make each moment of your maternity leave count


Toddler Activities

Embarking on a new adventure with your TODDLER each week: Discovering new songs, stories, new concepts;
Learning together, whilst deeply connecting and having the BEST time - without having to do all the research and prep-work yourself (nor having to clean up afterwards:)

If you are a parent  of a toddler 1-3yrs old and are looking for activities that will:
- channel your toddler’s incredible energy, fierce curiosity & un-quenched enthusiasm into dynamic and purposeful tasks that will also support your toddler’s learning
- enable you to connect with each other by sharing exciting learning experiences
- enable your toddler to discover their independence and empower them to start doing things on their own

Researching and setting up activities for toddlers can be time consuming and messy. AND if you find yourself scratching your head wondering what you should be doing with your toddler in the first place , then you have come to the right place!
Let us take care of all the prep for you - All you need to do
, is join our exciting toddler classes and watch the magic unfold!

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Pre-Kindergarten Playgroups

Academicus 16.png

Picture this...
A calm 3 hours in the morning, during which you know your child is in the best possible care, entertained, educated, making new friends, embarking on new adventures, learning to be independent, while you get a chance to drink a hot coffee and just have time for yourself! It’s time to discover our MORNING PLAYGROUPS!

If your child is  pre-kindergarten age 1,5-4yrs old and you would like to
- help them learn to become more independent & participate in exciting activities without having to hold their hand every minute of the class
- help your child prepare for kindergarten in a gentle and educational way
- expose them to native English (on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays ) and Polish (on Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
- empower them to create, learn and make new friends on their own

Join us for our signature Morning Playgroups and watch as your child blossoms into an independent, curious and creative young person, excited to head into kindergarten, when the time comes!


School Children

What if you could give your child a head start in school
...and support their reading and writing skills, boost their confidence and communication?

If your child is 4-8years old and you:
- have tried helping your child to read and write BUT don’t have the time, energy, patience or knowledge of how to do it best
- are looking for the best possible methodology to get your child to fall in love with reading and writing
- are wondering how to get your child excited about reading and writing

You have come to the right place! With over a decade of experience in running English classes for children, we have helped hundreds of reluctant readers and writers turn into avid bookworms and authors of countless stories.
Join our ENGLISH READING & WRITING classes and see how your child thrives in school!  



Parents & Care-givers

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Parents, we’ve got you too
Being a parent is tough - the sleepless nights, the frustration connected with weaning and fussy eating, constant questioning "am I doing it right"...
Sometimes it helps to share the load with other like-minded parents: exchange, connect and grow together.

That is why we offer workshops and events also just for us. From learning about first aid, to understanding multi-lingualism in our children, to having a "Let your hair down evening" with wine and a workshop.

Other amazing services

Colorful Balloons

for Kids

Party Entertainmnet & Rent



We were lucky enough to have Mags at our daughter’s birthday party, and it is fair to say she blew everyone away with her creative flair, charisma and natural magic touch with children! The kids were entranced by the wonderful story she wove around the party’s theme, combining fun and inspiring games and activities which left them all still talking about Mags (or Elsa :) long after party ended. If you are planning a party for your little one I would absolutely recommend Mags, who truly went above and beyond to make our child’s birthday celebrations a memorable and special day not to mention being the most lovely person to plan it all out with. Thank you Mags!!

— Chloe

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