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Check out our 2024 Program
"Moana &  Polynesia Camp"

15-19 July // 22-26 July // 29-02 August 2024

Sea Turtle


Moana Monday: Island life, rafts & splash pools

Today is our first day of camp where we welcome everybody and play a variety of games to get to know each other. Today we will meet Moana and learn where she lived - on an island in ancient Polynesia. We will discover what islands belong to Polynesia and learn about island life. We will see what sinks and floats, we will build our own rafts like Moana’s and see how they sail.

We will set out on a quest to find a hidden splash pool (remember to pack a change of clothes!) and hidden treasures on the way. Back at Academicus we will create our own Polynesian fan, read some stories, and continue some games.

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Tropical Beach


Moana Tuesday: Knie Kinder Zoo

Moana set out on her raft with her pet rooster beyond the reef to save the life and vegetation of her island. We too will set out on a boat and head to Rapperswil to visit the Knie Zoo, and see if we can find a rooster there. On the way we will make Polynesian masks and read a story about sea animals. In Rapperswil we might also encounter some splash pools and fountains so make sure to bring a change of clothes! Back at Academicus we will create our own pet roosters to accompany us home.

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Organic Blueberries



Moana Wednesday: Backlihof Jona & Blueberry picking

Living on an island means living off what the island provides - like coconuts that grow on coconut trees, or fish that live in the sea. Today we will learn about island food and that there are no shops or supermarkets available. We will become islanders and gatherers today at Backlihof Jona where we will find and pluck our own healthy snacks - blueberries. We will always also find some cool playgrounds to play at too, of course! Back at Academicus we will create our own palm tree and decorate a fish, while reading a book about a whale;)

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Landscape Photography


Moana Thursday: Milandia Mini-golf and the Maori Haka

Hawaii and New Zealand are two of the thousands of islands belonging to Polynesia. Today we will make beautiful Hawaiian necklaces and dance the Hula. We will also learn about the Maori people living in New Zealand, make tattoos, and dance the Haka. After a morning full of dancing we will head to Milandia to play some mini golf and have a splash in the pool. If time permits back at Academicus we will read some books and play some games

Beach Waves


Moana Friday: Farewell, Moana ...Hello Bounce Lab 


We cannot believe that our Moana week is coming to an end today! One last hoorah of fun activities awaits us:) One final sea book and a shark craft, followed by a trip to an indoor playground where we test all the slides, bouncy castles and swings! What a week!

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Check out our 2024 Program
"OLympics Camp"

05-09 August // 12-16 August 2024

Aerial View of Hurdler


Olympics Monday - Let the games begin!


Today is our first day where we welcome everybody and play a variety of games to get to know each other. Today we will learn the history and origin of the Olympic Games, we will find out what Mount Olympus is, and who lives there. We will learn some fun facts about the Games, make an Olympic torch and do several relay races passing the torch from hand to hand to eventually start our Olympic Games! We will head to our favourite China Garten Park where we will play badminton, do a hurdle race and become archers. There will also be some time for free play and bouldering. Back at Academicus we will create the symbol of the Olympic Games and learn about the continents. Oh, the fun and games that await us!

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Fruits and Vegetables


Olympics Tuesday: Healthy habits & Track and field arena

We already know what the Olympic Symbol looks like, so today we will recreate it with food, while learning about healthy eating habits and finding out how to become faster, stronger, and more resilient, in order to always win the first place in our daily lives. We will learn about the continents, and the current and past hosts of the Olympic Games. Today, we will train track and field - running, jumping, shot putting. We will then cool down in our favourite splash pool! Back at Academicus we will make our own medals. At this camp everybody is a winner every day!

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Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump


Olympics Wednesday: Paralympics & Milandia

Today we will learn about athletes participating in the Paralympics who deserve immense praise and admiration. Their stories encourage everyone to pursue their dreams, regardless of any obstacles they may encounter. We will talk about our dreams and who we want to become when we grow up. We will then try to recreate some Paralympic Games and play blind football and sitting volleyball. We will then make our way over for a few minigolf sessions and further water fun at Milandia. After spending an amazing day competing, playing and having heaps of fun, we will finish off our medals that we created the day before, and create Olympic Friendship Bracelets;)

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Soccer Players


Olympics Thursday: Teamwork, Goal setting & Fifa Museum

Today we will focus on group dynamics, and working together to achieve our goals. We will start our day with various group activities, a group craft, and group sports. We will head to the park to  play football and tag. After an exciting morning we will pay a visit to the iconic Fifa Museum where we will learn about the history of football through hands-on interactive expositions, do some dances, and play some games.  We will then put our footy skills to the test once again! Back at Academicus we will make Olympic necklaces, made from colourful beads, and learn more about group sports.

Girls Doing Push-Ups


Olympics Friday: Farewell & Indoor Playground

Our Olympic Games conclude today. We will find out who was the best in which sports discipline - and yes, everybody will be a winner! Let’s see who is the fastest, jumps the furthest, has the most precision, the most patience and the best memory?! After an exciting and memorable morning of happiness and medal presenting, we will head to an indoor playground to once more flex our muscles while having heaps of fun. 

Oh what a day! Oh what a week!

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Summer Camps for kids in Zurich

Summer Camps 2024

Moana & the Polynesian Islands

15-19 July

22-26 July

29-02 August

Olympics Edition

05-09 August and 12-16 August


SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW! Register now!


Why join the Academicus Summer Camp?

  • Program in English, which helps your child improve their English language skills in a natural environment

  • Heaps of adventures, disguised education, new discoveries, sports, crafts and FUN!

  • Breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks included!

  • Amazing full day program adjusted to working parents' schedules - drop off at 8:30-9:00 & pick up at 17:30-18:00

  • Convenient drop off and pick up at Academicus Atelier in Enge, Zürich (Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 ZH)

  • Have your kids participate in an entire week of fun or choose the days you like best

What’s included:

  • An exciting and educational program with sports, discovery and creativity

  • Transportation tickets

  • Entries to places of interest

  • Creative materials

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Specialist supervisors

  • 9hours of thrilling activities for kids


  • Academicus Summer Camp - 785CHF for full 5 days of camp, or 195CHF per single days

Minimum of 4 participants - Maximum 7 participants per supervising adult


Looking for activities for kids in Zurich during the Summer Break? The Academicus Summer Camps are here to make your Summer in the city AMAZING! An action packed week, full of discovery and learning, we go with your kids out and about and engage in all that Zurich and its surroundings has to offer. We provide fun, active and creative activities for children  5+ years of age. Our goal is to make the Summer Break in Zurich exciting, educational and fun for kids. Our program offers a huge range of activities for kids, creative workshops and trips to top kids' attractions in Zurich.

The Academicus Summer Camps in Zurich are active,  educational and fun, allowing children to explore many of Zurich’s top sights and attractions hands on, through games and artistic workshops.  Guided activities are balanced by opportunities for the children to unwind, relax and play in many of Zurich’s amazing play spaces and in the Academicus Atelier. Conducted entirely in English, kids have a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of English and activate their native- (or second-) language in a native speaking environment. Every day we broaden our horizons, learn something new, in a fun and entertaining way. We activate our bodies and minds - making sure the camp is a holistic experience!
With so many fun things to do with kids in Zurich we are sure to keep your kids busy and happy!

Who is The Academicus Summer Camp in Zurich for?

  • The Academicus Summer Camps in Zurich are for children 5+ yrs

  • The camp activities are conducted in English only - full immersion in English

  • The program is appropriate for native English speaking & bilingual kids

  • Children with communicative English are welcome to join & boost their English

  • The Academicus Summer Camp in Zurich is perfect for kids visiting Switzerland, expat children who have moved to Switzerland and would love to discover an action-packed Zurich and local kids, who love Zurich and can't get enough of it!

To register, please send an email to

Or register directly HERE:

Check out just some of the fun we have had so far!


Academicus City Summer Camp in Zurich

Zurich City • Rapperswil •  Conny Land • WildnisPark • Landesmuseum

Academicus City Autumn Camp in Zurich

Zurich Zoo • Trampolino • Jucker Farm • Kindercity • Technorama



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Academicus City Winter Camp in Zurich

Zoological Museum • Dolder Ice Skating • Fantasy Golf• Museum für Gestaltung • Springding


We are so lucky to have found you! I can say, you were born to make kids happy! They've made such great memories during the camp and for that I am deeply grateful! I must confess, I was sad today when I realised that the camp ended. Every afternoon, I was so excited to hear what kind of adventures they experienced! Hope we can see you as often as possible!

— Mum of Camp Participant

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