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English Reading & Writing 2 - in Zurich
For Kids 5+yrs

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Reading and Writing 2 - a fun and engaging class in Zürich, designed specifically for English-speaking children aged 5 and above.

This course aims to enhance children’s English literacy skills through engaging activities and dynamic learning, laying the groundwork for more advanced skills.

English Reading and Writing 2 - Next Level - in Zurich

Course Overview

"Reading and Writing 2" builds upon the skills developed in Level 1, advancing children's reading and writing abilities. At this stage, students are familiar with phonic sounds and can read short, three-letter words. Many are also beginning to read or can already read short sentences and stories. This course aims to further enhance their literacy through engaging activities and structured learning, laying the groundwork for more advanced skills.

Learning Objectives

  1. Enhanced Phonemic Awareness:

    • Strengthen the ability to decode words using phonics.

    • Introduce and practice blends, digraphs, and more complex phonetic patterns.

  2. Reading Fluency:

    • Improve reading speed and accuracy.

    • Develop expressive reading skills and proper intonation.

  3. Comprehension Skills:

    • Enhance understanding of texts through questioning and discussion.

    • Identify main ideas, details, and sequence of events in stories.

  4. Expanded Vocabulary:

    • Learn new words and phrases to enrich language use.

    • Practice using new vocabulary in context through speaking and writing.

  5. Writing Development:

    • Write simple sentences.


Course Activities

  • Phonics Drills: Engaging exercises to reinforce complex phonetic patterns and blends.

  • Vocabulary Games: Fun activities to introduce and practice new vocabulary words.

  • Creative Projects: Arts and crafts, storytelling, and role-play to integrate reading and writing skills in a multi-sensory approach.


Teaching Approach

Our teaching approach continues to be child-centered, focusing on the individual progress and needs of each student. We employ a variety of interactive and multi-sensory teaching methods to ensure that learning remains fun and engaging. Our experienced native speaker instructors provide personalized attention and support, fostering a positive and encouraging environment where children feel confident to explore and improve their reading and writing skills.



By the end of this course, children will have significantly improved their reading fluency, comprehension, and writing abilities. They will be able to read more complex texts with confidence, understand and discuss stories, and write short sentences independently. This solid foundation will prepare them for more advanced literacy skills in future learning stages.

Join us in "Reading and Writing 2" and watch your child's literacy skills flourish as they embark on a deeper and more enriching journey into the world of reading and writing!


For children 5+yrs, who have the foundations of reading and writing in English and want to level up their skills.

After the summer holidays:

Wednesdays, 16:00 - 17:00

Term Start: 21.08.2024

Need to Know:

Important note:

English Reading & Writing Level 2 is a year-long programme.                         

Where possible, it is recommended to start in the Autumn Term/ Term 1.

School Terms:

​Our schedule & holidays follow the Zurich Public School Calendar and our school year is divided into 4 terms.

The tuition fees are billed on a term basis.

Rolling sign up possible, where spots are available, adjusted to starting date.

Tuition Fees:

​Trial Class - 30CHF

​Registration Fee - 80CHF

Autumn term - 315CHF

Winter term - 630CHF

Spring Term - 360CHF

Summer Term - 450CHF

All resources, materials & supplies are included.

Sibling discount available.


Group classes are held at:


Waffenplatzstrasse 5, 8002 ZH

Color Pencils


Reading & Writing

The teachers are great. The atmosphere is great. And my kid is actually learning to read and write. So glad we found you- she keeps asking when the next class is on. That’s got to be the best feedback.

— Ben & Emma

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