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Water Balloon Olympics

Water Balloon Olympics

It’s been some years (ehem, ehem), but I still remember vividly the wonderful water balloon games we would play with the other kids from the neighborhood.

Like out of The Goonies or The Little Rascals, a bunch of us would team up and head over to the local playground (it was just around the corner from our house and of course mum would be on the lookout – we were, after all, just in primary school then). Each with a bucket of water-balloons in hand, we’d discuss the disciplines that would make up our Water Balloon Olympics.

With this gorgeous summer still around, why not organize Water Balloon Olympics for your youngsters. Perfect for an afternoon in the park or an outdoor birthday party! An incredible dose of fun guaranteed!

Water Balloon Olympics Disciplines

1. Water Balloon Hot Potato

A game of Hot Potato with a water balloon that has a small hole poked in it, which causes a little leak as it goes around the circle. The person who gets the empty balloon is out of the game – you really have to be quick in this game!

2. Water Balloon Dodge Ball

Create two teams. Each team gets a tub of water balloons.

Draw two parallel lines approximately 2 meters away from each other. Each team stands behind their line, on opposite sides, facing each other. At the starting signal, players throw water balloons at each other. When a player is hit by a water balloon, that player is out of the game. The last player remaining in the game is the winner.

3. Water Balloon Pinatas

Hang water balloons (piñatas) from monkey bars. Take turns in hitting the piñatas and watch the waterfall come down (not very competitive but LOADS of fun!)

4. Water Balloon Tag

The person who is ‘it’ attempts to tag the others: If you get hit and the balloon breaks, “Tag you’re it!” Last person left dry wins.

5. Water Balloon Toss

In pairs, start throwing a water balloon between the two of you. Every time you and your partner catch the balloon take a step back. The pair that manages to stand furthest away from each other and still throw the balloon without breaking it wins!

6. Water Balloon Chin Relay

Two teams. Kids stand one behind the other in a line. The first team member of each team gets a water balloon and places it under their chin.

On "go" team member A passes the balloon to team member B, who passes it on to C, etc. The balloon must be passed under the chins – no hands can be used! If a water balloon breaks the team must start from the beginning. First team to pass the balloon to every member of their team wins.

7. Waaarrrrrrrrrrr!

The best part of Water Balloon Olympics is the end ceremony, when with the remaining balloons you simply drench anyone who comes your way!

May the games begin!

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