Published in the newspaper!

It was an extraordinary experience - getting interviewed for a real-life newspaper with a real life journalist! In this interview I reveal the journey I had to go through, in order to understand what I love doing most in life: teaching and that I am on a mission to "Inspire and develop the exploration of the world, curiosity, creativity, courage, imagination and sense of wonder among children to let them discover themselves, their passions and their purpose in life"!

And like in each journey: there are ups and downs, trials and fortune and in the end everyone lives happily ever after! ...right?

I certainly hope so! To read the article (in German click here).

Oh and don't forget: THIS Saturday (11.02.2017, 10:00-16:00, Asylstrasse 2, 8610 Uster) is the Academicus Open Doors Day! Do stop by and join in the FUN!

Lots of Love,


#EnglishfürKinder #Uster #ZüriOst

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