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The Launch of a Dream - Looking back on Q1 at The English Academy for Kids

Englisch für Kinder Uster, Zürich, Zug

Looking back on what we have achieved so far - I have to admit, this journey is proving even more amazing and exhilarating than I expected!

Since the beginning of Academicus - The English Academy for Kids in Zurich and Uster, we have managed to achieve so much and put so many smiles on children's faces!

Because the process of learning should be fun & engaging and only that way will it be effective.

Here are just some of our fabulous milestones:

* We organized a wildly successful Open Day in February,

* Got published in Züri-Ost,

* Set up partnerships with local businesses and the charity Room to Read,

* Organized birthday parties

* Created creative Saturday Brunches for Parents and Kids

* Launched English classes for children aged 3 - 7 years old - where children learn English in a natural and spontaneous way, discovering their passions and talents whilst at it!

The venue, where we have our classes and events is incredibly child-friendly and allows for both focused learning, creative development and free-play. Check it out here.

We learn English from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays, during our creative brunches (join our meetup here), we embark on creative and often quite messy adventures to immerse ourselves even more in the wonderful world of children's English books! Side-note: parents get as excited about these sessions as the kids - and insist on participating in the creative activities too!

We've set up a dynamic curriculum based on the International Primary Curriculum and Australian & UK Child Development Methodology, making sure we keep the imaginations engaged by including much loved children's books in our lessons.

So far we've been learning English with Eric Carle, Julia Donaldson, Judith Kerr, Miles Kelly Publishing - just to name a few of our favourite authors.

We've set out on adventures to the jungle, where elephants blow coloured bubbles through their trunks, where crocodiles wriggle their hips and where Gruffalos really do exist! All this provides an immersive atmosphere, where children learn the language naturally and spontaneously - Some parents have to virtually drag their youngsters out of my classes (if that's not reward enough, I don't know what is)!

I am extremely proud of all my students' achievements in learning English and can't wait for all the amazing English adventures ahead of us!

If you are looking for FUN-tastic English lessons for your kids, in Zurich, Uster or Zug, where English is learnt in a natural & spontaneous way, sign your child up today! in Zurich, Uster & Zug.

Classes are filling up quickly, so be sure to contact me ( to set up a trial class at a date that suits you best!

In addition to classes and creative workshops, we also organize magical entertainment for children for private and corporate clients (birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events). For further information, don't hesitate to contact me directly:

"You're doing such a fantastic job with teaching the kids!" - Angela, mum of Finn

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