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Zürich Tip: Bäckeranlage in Child-Friendly Kreis 4

Zürich Bäckeranlage Park

Zürich truly is a magical city. Especially when you have kids! There are so many wonderful things to do around here - it's mind-boggling!

A recent discovery of mine is Bäckeranlage in Kreis 4. It’s a park, which happens to also be a community center, offering a myriad of fun events for kids and adults!

The activities calendar has some fabulous regular events on (eg. Kindermusik with Brandy on Mondays 09:45-11:45 and Tuesdays 14:15-17:00), well worth checking out!

On a sunny day like today it’s the place to be with your youngsters!

The area is fully equipped with a fountain, climbing ropes, lots of green and a community house where you can grab a snack and let your little one enjoy the toys in the kiddie-corner.

In the summer there is a magical play-island (Spielinsel), where youngsters aged 5-12 years old, can play, create and make new friends. It’s completely free and there is a qualified child specialist that is responsible for the group of kids.

Wednesdays 14:00-18:00 are dedicated to kids within the age range:

kindergarten – 6th grade.

Thursdays 15:30 – 19:00, for kids: 4th grade – 6th grade.

Fridays 15:30 – 18:00, for kids: kindergarten – 6th grade.

For a complete overview of offered activities, August - October check out the attached document here.

Playing on the Bäckeranlage green

Community Center where you can grab a bite to eat

Lots of shade in the park

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