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How to find your passion?

Once upon a time there was a girl, who had many talents. She was a very bright and happy young lady, but felt that she didn't know what her true passion was. "How can I find my passion?", she would think to herself.

Passion isn't something that is lying in the streets, waiting to be picked up. It is an interest that you are exposed to and persistently develop. And you can start developing it at a very young age.

By exposing your child to a broad amount of social interactions and activities, you are helping them find that special thing they will be passionate about perhaps even their whole life!

At Academicus, our mission is to guide kids in discovering and developing their passions right from the beginning: a passion for English, a passion for science, food, dancing, singing, drawing, playing - you name it!

Thanks to our dynamic approach that engages the child's body and imagination within a group, we are able to teach kids the language- and practical-skills they will use their entire life!

Learning is a lifelong process. Start today!

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