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Zürich Tip: Josefwiese in Kreis 5

Josefwiese, Kreis 5, Zurich, Switzerland

Autumn is slowly kicking in. But that doesn't mean all the outdoor fun has to stop for you and the kids! With beautiful sunny days still making a much welcome appearance, it's hard not to make the most of them! So next time you feel like discovering a family-friendly place in Zürich, pack a picnic basket and make your way over to Josefwiese in Kreis 5.

Josefwiese - translated into English means 'Joseph's meadow' - is not the typical city-center 'meadow' you might be thinking about. Josefwiese is a beautiful green park, situated in the hip neighborhood of Zurich-West. It's equipped with a playground for the kids, a fun fountain area (to cool down in during the hot summer days), a vast green park, where you can pursue a game of footie, frisbee or have a relaxed grill or picnic, whilst enjoying the sun.

It is equipped with a public WC and has its very own Kiosk, where you are welcome to grab some beverages and snacks. If you get extra hungry, there is a selection of restaurants and cafes in the funky Viaduct shopping and creative area, right next to the park.

Josefwiese has got to be one of my favourite parts of Zurich. With all the green and shrieks of happiness (coming from adults and children alike:), it's easy to forget that you are, in fact, in the middle of the city.

Oh, and if you were wondering if it's a good venue to organize a birthday party for your youngsters, then the answer is 'yes' (there are SO many trees to hang a piñata from!!).

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