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When to start learning English?

Language development among children starts as early as being in the mother's womb: already exposed to the tempo and intonation of the mother's native language.

Then, after birth, the learning of a language accelerates considerably.

In the chart below, notice how early much of the brain cell development takes place — this early brain development window, highlighted in red, is called the “critical period” of development (the first year of a child's life). It is in this period that a child's language skills sky-rocket.

Scientists estimate that during the first few years of life, 700 new synapses (neural connections) are formed every second! And introducing a second language to children as early as possible is the best way to develop and strengthen the neural connections that are being formed.

It helps them to develop their intellectual capabilities, exposes them to different tones and rhythms and stimulates them to start imitating different sounds.

Introducing a second language can be done in a very fun and almost effortless way: through music, rhythm, physical development and social interaction. Start today!

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