Pin the Tail on Pikachu

I'm getting extremely excited about this weekend's upcoming birthday party!

We are preparing a party to remember for Hayk and Suren, who will be turning 7 (the coolest twins ever!) and who are crazy about Pokemons! And as proper party planners, we need to consider the birthday boys' fascination.

The first thing that comes to mind is the game: "Pin the Tail on Pikachu"...but the problem is: you can't buy it need to actually make it!

So off I set, pencil and scissors in hand, to create the fun game for the boys!

What you'll need:

A Pencil

An Eraser

A Black and Red Marker



A2 Paper: Yellow and Blue


1. Find a picture of Pikachu, to get inspired :)

I found my inspiration in the Pikachu below, as you can easily determine where to pin the tail, when playing the game.

If you are not too confident with your drawing skills check out this tutorial on how to draw a super-cute Pikachu.

2. Sketch the outline and features of Pikachu and his tail

3. When you are happy with the general shape, get ready to cut!

4. I had some paper left over, so was able to additionally cut out Pikachu's name!

5. Outline the shape of Pikachu with a black marker.

Be sure to protect the surface underneath (I used a plastic bag as the floor protection) - it's difficult to stay within the lines (just like a preschooler;)

6. Erase the remaining pencil marks and add colour to Pikachu!

7. Arrange Pikachu and his name on the blue A2 paper and glue him on!

Tomorrow I'm off to laminate the whole poster, to give it a bit of a shine, and ensure that it can be re-used, when pinning the tale on Pikachu (with blue-tack, mind you:) Let's see if the boys like it!!

What do you think? Not a bad job, even I have to admit to myself (and I am FAR from being talented in drawing...!). The task itself was very calming - you really do end up finding your flow at one point! A very enjoyable activity.

#Pokemon #Pikachu #Doityourself #party #game #partyanimal

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