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Are you a skeptic? Wait, but why?

Einstein International skeptics day

Are you a person who takes anything you hear with a pinch of salt? How easily do you accept the status quo? Do you question everything and everyone around you?

Then, International Skeptics Day on October 13th is the holiday for you!

I presume kids will be celebrating this holiday especially intensively, not accepting claims made by family or teachers - so by all means, be prepared.

Then again, where would the world be without skeptics?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, skepticism is an attitude of doubt towards a particular object or a piece of knowledge.

It isn’t the case that skeptics don’t believe anything. They simply have to see the tested, tried and true evidence for themselves. It is thanks to skeptics that our understanding of the world has been able to evolve and develop.

Many scientific claims, myths and hoaxes throughout history have been relieved and explained thanks to the hard work of skeptics who refused to stop questioning and prodding and doubting and questioning and questioning.... Who knows, perhaps without Copernicus' skepticism, we might still be convinced that the Sun revolves around the Earth?

So the next time your child questions something, let them ponder their inquisitiveness! Who knows, they might discover the answer themselves...or they might just discover a next Heliocentric Theory...

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